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Not all EU counties have the same visa policies. Every country is with a different process for visa application. There are so many opportunities for working in Europe. Therefore, the purpose of the establishment of the work visa programs is that everyone from any country can come to Europe to do work. The work visa for Europe has specific criteria as well as requirements. The application process depends on the country’s need of labor needs.        

Who can work in Europe?

After meeting the criteria, anyone can work in Europe. People from the US, Australia, Japan, Switzerland, etc do not require to have a work visa for entering there. But, such persons will need to submit the work permit where they will work.

However, if you are from any other country, you have to apply for a work visa first. Without it, there is no chance of entering any European territory. Every applicant should take proper guidance before applying. So, there is no question left in the applicant’s mind. For your convenience, Babaaz Travels and Tours International is amazing to ensure the approval process of your visa. They will tell you everything about the processing, requirements, and criteria.

Duration of a Europe Work Visa

Normally, the duration is only 1 year. In this period, you can comfortably work there with any company. But not all countries issue the visa with the same duration. Even, a few countries also extend your case before the expiry. As an example, for getting four years working visa, Denmark is excellent to choose from.

Requirements to apply for work visas

Some basic requirements for the work visa are:

Application Form: The form should fill with accurate information. Otherwise, in case of any misleading information, the application will quickly reject.

2 identical photos: The photos should not be too old. The new picture must be from the latest previous 3 months. 2 identical photos will attach to the application.

Valid Passport: It is crucial to know that if the passport is ten years old, it may not be valid for further use. Before three months of your traveling date, the passport should have validity.

Flight reservation: The indication of the exact dates of flights is mandatory. With dates, you have to show the flight numbers.

Medical insurance: For medical insurance, it must cover the expenses of medical in any situation of more than 30000 Euros.

Accommodation: Before going to Europe, it is also required to give proof of your accommodation. Thereby, it shows where will you reside in the country.

Employment contract: The motive of this contract’s attachment with the application is to confirm that you are going for work purposes. On this contract, there must be the signatures of you & your employer.

Language skills: To meet the criteria, you have to learn the country’s official language. It can only proof with the passing of specific language tests.

How to Get a Europe Visa for work there?

Every Europe country has specific needs to approve the application. It depends on the applicant’s nationality, country, and also on the visa’s type. Generally, the steps for the application process are below:

  • Do your proper research and then decide which country is suitable for you.
  • Apply for the job and wait for the employer’s offer.
  • Before starting the application process, make sure you have collected all the required documents.
  • After then, pay its fee so the process will start.
  • Now according to your country’s residency, apply for a visa or permit of working.

For any difficulty in understanding the process in a simpler way, the professionals of Babaaz Travels and Tours International assist everyone. So, the whole process of applying through it becomes quite easy and simpler.

Cost of Work Visa for Europe

Every country issues visa with different costs, especially for working. Now, there are so many types of work visas. In particular, the overall cost also depends on what type of visa you choose. Before taking any decision, directly contact the travel agent or consulate about the fees. In some countries, visa fee starts from €50 and some offer a fee of €590.

How much time needs to get your visa?

The factor that decides the period to get your visa is the country and the industry in which you apply for work. Generally, the time needed to complete the process is approximately 2 to 6 weeks. However, it is not a confirmed period for issuing process. Even, some may require a minimum of three months.

Family accompanies with the work visa:

The good point of this category of visas is that it is not only for one individual. But, he can take his family to the working place with him. Only the required thing is that you have enough finances that you can support them financially easily. These family members are:

  • Your partner
  • Children with the age of below than 18/21
  • Your parents also eligible who cannot take care of themselves and their financial needs depend on you

Few countries also set a criterion to bring your family but you can do it only when you spent a specific period there. It is one of the specifications of this work visa.

Where to apply?

There are so many ways to apply for visas in your country. The major body that does all the process includes:

Embassy: The European countries have embassies in your resident country. You can go to their embassy to directly apply through them. In this scenario, there is no risk of any scam.

Consulate: Just like the embassy, the consulates are also trustworthy. They help in the easier processing of the visas and you will easily collect them at their buildings.

 Visas center: The centers are the private companies that do their functioning online as well as offline. They are present in almost every city of your homeland. It is always a good idea to go near one. So, you will not spend much time traveling to reach the center. So, the collection of documents is also convenient.

When to apply?

Usually, the embassy takes six weeks to the processing the application for employment. There should be applying before 2 months of your plan to reach the European Country. Sometimes, the processing time needs more weeks. But, if you apply through a secure source, there is a high chance of approval in a shorter time.

Jobs that you can work with Work Visa

The thing that matters a lot in getting a job in Europe is your qualification, skills, & experience. If you have all these qualities, you can get the opportunity of high-demand professions. The specialty of Europe is that the employment rate is higher and they need new employees that work for them. Such professions include Engineers, psychologists, researchers, and many more.

Best European Country for working

Numerous European countries are great where you should apply and make your professional career. It is all about setting your goals and trying hard to achieve those goals. For instance, Germany has the best quality of the largest economy. There are many largest companies that prefer employees from all over the world. You should apply there for employment. The working time for every employee is eight hours a day. Moreover, they also give paid vacation time that is ideal to visit your homeland. You can enjoy time with your family.

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