Wireframes: How to create your first one in 6 easy steps!


The development of websites has increased a lot, especially since the rise in the importance of Digital Marketing.

While developing websites the process of Wireframe is not discussed and meetings tend to jump straight into the design of the website. 

This is not an advisable thing to do!

wireframe design is the foundation of creating websites, it is the process that combines the processes of site architecture and the creative phase.

What are Wireframes?

Wireframes are black and white layouts.

They outline the specific size and placement of page elements, site features, conversion areas and navigation for your website.

They don’t have color, fancy fonts, logos, or any design elements. 

They purely focus on a site’s structure.


Why are Wireframes so crucial?

The process of Wireframing can be very helpful. 

Wireframes allow you to see the website’s structural elements. website wireframe are as important to website designers as blueprints of a house map are to contractors.

Many clients don’t know what you are talking about when you talk about features like “google map integration” or “product filtering”.

Wireframing provides clear communication to a client on how these features will function, where they will live on the website and how useful they might be.

Focussing on features without any creative influence allows a client to focus on equally important aspects of the project.

Also clarifies how features will be executed. 

The design is important, but if the website is not user-friendly it is a huge drawback.

This is one of the most important points of the wireframing process. 

wireframe online give more importance to how user-friendly the page is, showcasing page layouts.

Wireframes point out issues in your site architecture or how a specific feature works. Finding these early on is always better.

For clients who want a content-based website, this point is especially important.

A wireframe will immediately identify how well your site will handle content growth. 

For example, if you have a few products available on your page and want to add more, wireframing will help you to know the scaling and how easily you can update your site.

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The wireframing process saves time in a lot of ways:

  1. The design process is more calculated.
  2. The development understands what they need to build.
  3. The process of content creation is made clearer
  4. The team, agency, and clients are all on the same page about how the website will function.

Steps of Wireframing

The end goal of the website is to get a user-friendly interface and that needs a lot of solid research.

To ace this step, you’ll need to combine the information of not only your research but also the information of your customers and stakeholders.

In the process of wireframing, you are going to collect tons of data.

The data will not only be needed once, you’ll come back to it when you feel stuck in some part.

Therefore, you must organize your data well so that they are easily accessible. 

User flow is the path of a user during a website session.

This includes all the points the users entered and how they interacted with the website.

This process needs to be mapped in a user flow so that you don’t miss out on crucial design elements such as the price filter, or specifications checklist. 

Ignoring such elements could confuse website/app visitors, leading them to contact customer support to seek help with even the navigation.

This process is where you decide what key elements will be needed on the page.

You create basic structures of the website with pen and paper to create the basic structure that satisfies the user’s needs.

After the structure is ready you need to check in with your managers or colleagues to get initial feedback and make changes if needed.

Now that you have decided on which direction the project needs to go, you can go ahead and start filling in some details.

You will need to decide the fidelity level of your wireframe or the amount of detail present in your wireframe.

Different fidelity levels require different characteristics needed for your website.

After deciding o the fidelity levels you can add basic details to your wireframe examples like the search bar and some basic buttons.

With all the details put in, your wireframe is ready for the next process.

You’ll need to test the wireframe to see how user-friendly it is if all the design elements are present.

Testing also helps identify any important elements that may be missing or any requirements that need to be addressed. 

You can take the help of your colleagues or get actual users to test the final product.

Still, have any doubts?

The process of wireframing is important in creating any website, and due to the reasons mentioned above the process shouldn’t be ignored.

If you are stuck or confused about how to carry out this process, AxeTech is here to help.

With an experienced and professional team, we tend to help you out with your digital processes like wireframing.

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