Why Walking Apps Are So Popular

Walking apps are becoming increasingly popular and often top the download lists. The following article explores some of the reasons why walking apps are so popular and why you should consider downloading them.

What Is a Walking App?

A walking app is a mobile program that you can use on an Android-based phone or an iPhone. Some walking apps track your movement and allow you to create routes. Other apps include the ability to share your routes or upload data to other programs.There are many free and paid walking apps. A popular free one is Visorando’s walking app.

Walking Apps Help Plan Your Walks

People often use walking apps to plan their walks. Instead of just looking at a map, you can plan an entire route.

The ability to plan routes and know exactly where you plan to walk makes walking apps incredibly helpful. You will know the distance and estimated travel time before you set out for your walk.

Track Your Total Distance Traveled

Many walking apps allow you to track your total distance walked. You can track your steps to keep a better eye on your physical activity.

For example, you may choose to set walking goals, such as walking 10,000 steps a day. Tracking your steps can help you to follow-through and reach your goals.

Store Your Favorite Walking Routes

Some walking apps give you the option of storing routes. You can store your favorite routes to save time preparing for future walks.

Along with storing routes, you may be able to share your walking routes with other users. The social element of some walking apps helps people discover new routes and places to walk in their local area.

Walking Apps Often Work in the Background

Most walking apps can run in the background while continuing to track your steps and route. This allows you to continue using other apps during your walk.

For example, you may enjoy listening to music or talking on the phone with a hands-free headset. You open the walking app before you start your walk, so you do not need to worry about distractions until you get back.

You Can Try Walking Apps for Free

Walking apps are available for free on iPhone and Android devices. No matter the type of smartphone that you own, you can find a free walking app to try and test yourself.

While many walking apps are free, you can also find premium options that include enhanced features. The variety of options ensures that there is a walking app for everyone.

Walking Apps Appeal to the Recent Fitness Craze

The health and fitness industry has become increasingly popular among consumers, especially during the past few years.

With more people spending more time at home, fitness has become a priority for millions of individuals. Walking apps benefit from the recent fitness craze.

The bottom line is that walking apps are popular because they help people with their fitness goals. They offer a real benefit for those that want to get more out of their walking exercises.


Using a mobile app adds a fun element to your workout. It also tracks your progress. Tracking your progress increases motivation by making your effort more visible.


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