Why Kindergarten education is important for your kids

Does it feel like yesterday when your little one opened their eyes for the first time in this beautiful world? And before you know they are all set to explore the world around them. Although the thought of separation seems painful and scary to parents, it is time for the little one to leave the nest to learn new things and develop with new opportunities waiting for them. Global Indian International Kindergarten in Bangalore offers the one-stop platform to nurture your child with 21st-century academic skills. As we believe early education for young children is the key to mind growth, and development so, they are prepared to take the step of their lives- School.

How is Kindergarten education vital for your kids?

Kindergartens in Bangalore can play a significant role in your child’s growing phase. Designed with a unique curriculum and empowered by professionally trained teachers to provide the best quality education blended through the play-based program to fill their curiosity.

The education program at Indian schools always revolves around children’s interests that further help them to develop their unique individual personalities. Right from learning numbers, and creating small arts to writing words, children will unlock new capacities that will serve as a foundation for their future. 

They will learn more than just numbers

In the era of pandemics, children suffered the most. The situation didn’t only deprive them of social interaction but also affected their relationships and emotional development. Enrolling your kid in Kindergarten in Bangalore will help them to grow both emotionally and socially- as they will learn to make friends in a different environment with their initiatives. The one-to-one classroom experience in a dramatic play space will embed your child to socialize, corporate, communicate and engage in literacy while acting out on real-life experiences.

They will develop self-esteem

Developing self-esteem is one of the key reasons why you should send your children to kindergarten. This is the slow process of helping your children about themselves including the areas where they are good and confident in their ability to tackle challenges in their own way. Storytelling and puppet shows can be a great help with this- these small things bring out greater results. 

Your child will gain a new perspective

Until now, your children have always followed your footprints to see this world, but maybe it is time when they learn to see this world without your protective veil. A year in kindergarten provides education, information and guidance to increase your child’s ability to walk into this world with a different confidence.

How to prepare your kids for this big change? 

Change is indeed hard, especially for your little one but you know what is harder preparing yourself as a parent to walk his walk into a new world WITHOUT you. So, it comes to preparing your kid for kindergarten, it must go both ways. Even though the kindergarten preparation differs from one parent to another, here are some tips to prepare yourself for the big change:

 Start having random chats with your child

In order to mingle in, your child must know how to answer questions at kindergarten. The best way to do it is by inviting your kid to have a small conversation with you often. For instance; – while changing the diaper, ask they would like to watch today? Are they hungry? If yes, what do you want to eat? In the beginning, the response will be either verbal or non-verbal so, the most important thing here is to listen closely to all the responses. Second, never respond negatively to their answers so, they won’t hesitate next time you ask a question.

Give your child some me-time

Every child enjoys some free time to play and giving your child the room to play by himself is not a waste of time. It is just the opposite, the more your child plays the more he will grow. The physical games will accelerate the motor skills, not to mention, children learn by repeating actions so, you better find an Indian school that gives them ample amount to play.

Make your child independent

In kindergarten, teachers often give multiple directions that require a few tasks done by the kid. Teaching and encouraging your kids to be independent and look after them with minimum intervention can boost their confidence and ability to handle multiple tasks at ease. They will indeed struggle first but once they ace it you will have much more peace knowing they can look after themselves. 

There is no wonder that challenges will arise in the beginning but that doesn’t mean you will stop in the middle. Take a deep breath and give it a try, and right before you know it, your child will be coming home with a new story every day. Moreover, if you are looking into the top 10 kindergartens in Bangalore, then give Global Indian International a try. Known for world-class education with a unique curriculum, GIIS kindergarten will prepare your kid for next-level education. For more information visit the website today! 

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