What should you know about private schools in Abu Dhabi?

In the Middle East, the Gulf country possesses some of the greatest schools and higher education options. There are almost 200 private schools in Dubai alone, serving around 300,000 Emirati and expat students. As of now, there are 296 public schools in Abu Dhabi.

As a method of expanding its economy and commercial sector, the UAE places a high value on education. Although government schools continue to divide male and female pupils and even have different school hours for both, the level of education is comparable for both genders. In the United Arab Emirates, almost 40% of students attend private schools. Some institutions cater to expatriate communities by providing foreign language education that preserves the culture and follows the curricula of the students’ home countries.

Education System in Abu Dhabi

All children aged 6 to 18 must attend school. This duty also applies to ex-pat children. Emirati natives attend government schools for free, however, foreigners must pay a fee to attend both public and private institutions. They taught Arabic in public schools, with an emphasis on English as a second language. 

For all courses, Arabic is the medium of instruction at government schools. English is utilized to educate technical and scientific disciplines and is taught as a second language.  

Private Schools in Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge regulates the private school sector by overseeing the educational process and formulating and adopting essential laws and regulations. It also keeps track of pupils’ progress and assesses the effectiveness of each school’s educational system. Let us look at the benefits of  Private schools closely.

  The classroom’s size

Public schools are frequently overcrowded, with pupils vastly outnumbering teachers. Smaller class sizes, more personalized attention, and a greater sense of how each student wants to learn are all advantages of attending a private school in Abu Dhabi. This allows the teacher to devote more time to each student and tailor teachings to their specific needs.

  Overarching Code of Conduct

While there will always be conflict among students, private schools aspire for conflict resolution from the start, teaching students respect for one another and for their teachers. There are fewer conflicts as a result of the fundamental rule that students wear uniforms to put everyone on the same level. Values taught in the classroom by teachers, students, and peers reflect family values. Your child can concentrate on what is most important: their education and enjoying their childhood.

  Guidance with higher education

Private schools in Abu Dhabi can provide greater security when it comes to college planning due to smaller classes and more individual attention. When a student is supported by their teachers that student is more motivated to continue their education and approach the college admissions process with confidence. Private schools can also more easily provide private lessons and college prep for students, providing clarity during an often confusing and stressful time.

Since now we know that private schools are the better choice, the next big decision is which curricula to choose. One such popular, internationally-recognized curriculum is the CBSE board. Over the years there have emerged many CBSE academies in Abu Dhabi. 

Why study at a CBSE academy?

The CBSE curriculum emphasizes knowledge assimilation, particularly in the fields of Mathematics and Sciences, and takes a more practical approach to assist students in developing good skills such as analytic, communication, and cognitive skills, problem-solving ability, and personality development. CBSE leverages students’ future in terms of college/higher education selection and subsequent career choices.

Which is the best CBSE Academy in Abu Dhabi?

Without a doubt, The Global Indian International School Abu Dhabi is the best private CBSE school in the region. With a well-structured CBSE curriculum from Grade 1 to Grade 12, GIIS provides not only academic excellence but also flexibility in holistic development, allowing our students to select a pathway that best suits their abilities, needs, and independent interests. 

GIIS adheres to the award-winning 9GEMS framework. This framework provides numerous opportunities for students to gain confidence and hone their leadership skills.

In addition to the world-class curriculum, they equipped the Abu Dhabi campus with digital classrooms and skill-based learning labs. Geography, History, Mathematics, Applied Sciences, Technology, and multiple languages are among the CBSE academic subjects to offer. Creative writing, sports, humanities, visual and performing arts, and physical education are examples of extracurricular activities.

GIIS brings together a range of diverse abilities and interests in students, which helps foster self-motivated and independent learners capable of succeeding beyond the school environment.

So why wait to make the right decision when the answer is in front of you? Choose the CBSE private school in Abu Dhabi that offers the best educational journey for your child.


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