What are the types of internet?

Types of internet

The Internet is now an important part of our lives. Without the internet, we are supposed to have nothing in life. The Internet is changing the game of life. Before the internet, people used libraries and books for information. They use dictionaries for searching. But now everything is done online. People browse, and search online on Google, yahoo, etc. Students get an education online during the world pandemic COVID-19. Youngsters play online games for entertainment. Entrepreneurs use the internet for several purposes. The internet has changed the way of earning. So it is now the basic need of everyone’s life. People need different types of the internet for different purposes. Like some people need internet with very high speed for gaming, entrepreneurs need fast internet for their business, and some people can use the internet with slow speed for basic browsing, and searching for a home. Some people are reliable with cable internet, some with DSL internet, some feel reliability in satellite internet, etc. So in this article, we will discuss the types of internet and we will tell you which white internet is best for which thing. So after reading this article you will be able to select the best High-Speed Internet Bundle for you according to your needs and budget. 

“Types of internet”

Different 7 internet providers provide you with different 7 types of internet. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Cable internet 
  • Fiber internet 
  • DSL internet 
  • Satellite (wireless) internet 
  • Dial-up internet 
  • Broadband internet 
  • Cellular internet 

“Dialup internet”

This is the old way of accessing the internet. The internet is very slow and phone lines are used. Speed is so slow that you can’t do audio video chat because for this you need more bandwidth, which is not available in this. This internet connection is almost over. The Fastest and most reliable internet is used nowadays.

“Broadband internet

This is another type of internet. In this internet, the cable is used to provide internet. The speed of this internet is fast and you can use this internet on multiple devices. We called high bandwidth internet to DSL or cable internet. By using this internet, you can download a big file easily and you can do streaming, etc easily.

“DSL internet”

Dsl is that internet in which we use cable wire and modem. The Internet is accessed through a modem and the bandwidth of the internet is high. Telephone lines are also used in this. You can get this internet easily from different internet providers. It has different packages and bundles. It is reliable internet. You can enjoy its services easily.

“Cable internet”

The speed of cable internet is very high. This is fast internet. Two types of cable are used on this website. The first one is the phone line cable and the other is fiber. These both are used in fiber internet. Fiber internet is the fastest one. So if you need the best and high-speed internet and your usage data are also high then you should buy fiber internet. It provides you with speed up to 1 gig. So this type of internet is the best internet. But one thing about this internet is that its packages are expensive as compared to other internet sites. But fiber internet is the most reliable and stable internet. Entrepreneurs use fiber internet for their businesses because it does not interrupt you.

“Satellite internet”

Satellite internet is mostly used in rural areas. Where any other internet provider is not serving and any other in is not available. Because satellite internet can be accessed anywhere. So that’s why any cable line etc are not needed in satellite internet. It is wireless internet. But the disadvantage of satellite internet is that its speed is slow compared to another internet. It provides you with speed up to 5 Mbps. From this internet speed, you can watch videos, do browsing, etc. So if your data usage is less and speed doesn’t matter for you then satellite internet is best for you. There is no limit to coverage areas of satellite internet. And less number of satellite providers are providing you services. 

“Cellular internet”

Cellular internet is for mobile devices and is used in mobile phones. And in this, there are 3G and 4G internet. And now they are working to provide you with 5G internet. You need cellular internet when you are buying internet bundles and packages on Mobile phones. There are many providers which are providing mobile internet. And they have different bundles and packages so you can buy good internet according to your budget.


In this article, we have mentioned all the types of internet. And we have told you about their reliability, speed, etc and which internet is best for what purpose. 

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