Virtual Meeting Etiquette: 13 Must-Know Tips

The Covid-19 pandemic has had one momentous impact that was discerned throughout the complete business world across industries. Virtual meetings and events have replaced face-to-face meet-ups. Various virtual team meeting platforms have come to make the hosting of essential events possible. The fact is, this new concept or digital shift of events will continue for the future, and the organizations that know how to stay constructive with remote team cooperation will find it more manageable to succeed. With this new shift comes the new emphasis on a new collection of soft skills, i.e., communication, engaged listening, distant collaboration, brainstorming skillfulness, etc.

Another fascinating influence of this shift to online meetings is the requirement of a completely new set of virtual meeting etiquette and practices that no one is used to following at home. So to make it easier for you to understand virtual meetings, we have brought to you some of the most essential virtual meeting etiquette tips to follow.

1) Always Ask for Meeting Agenda

If you are invited to an online meet-up without a specified meeting agenda, it would be great if you ask for one at the right time. Being compelled to attend meetings without a specified plan is not right and can turn out to bring a bad experience for you. Time is the most treasured resource in a virtual workplace. Therefore, if you let somebody rob it from you, so you are equally to take the blame. Hence, ask for a meeting agenda so you can work on any pre-planning required.

2) Come Well-Prepared

Make some time out in your day to prepare yourself for the meeting. Work on the pre-learning & reading to ensure you don’t miss out on anything. You can also leave comments on the meeting agenda. Make notes if you want to add topics you need to discuss or talk about. You can contribute to levelling up the meeting if you can hop into the meeting time as soon as possible.

3) Inform Others That You Are in a Meeting

If you are sharing the remote location with others, let them know that you are starting with a virtual meeting over an online meeting platform. Although it is okay if somebody enters the screen space during the meeting but you should also ensure that everybody around is in full clothes. Else, everything just becomes embarrassing for you.

4) Preclude All Possible Distractions

Make sure that there are no distractions as you attend the meeting. Turn off all applications that can make notification sounds so you don’t get distracted due to any sound or pop-up. If possible, also put your phone on silent. In addition, close out the tabs that aren’t necessary for the meeting.

5) Log in to the Meeting Early

Don’t wait till the last minute to join the virtual meeting. It is so because if you join the online meeting late, you will not only be distracted but may also forget to log in on time. Logging in to the meeting a few minutes ahead of time is a good virtual meeting etiquette for attendees. You can also start with some light conversation with the rest of the attendees

Pro Tip- If you are going to be late for the online meeting, send a notification to the virtual meeting organizer so they are aware of it and you don’t put in a bad impression.

6) Begin by Keeping the Video On

The availability of video is one of the most powerful ways to maintain a good human connection during a virtual meeting. Starting your con call with a set of blank screens is pretty mean.

If you feel awkward sharing your background then apply a filter or a blurred background. Point is, that you should not give a weird excuse to keep your video off during a planned virtual team meeting.

7) Use the Muting Functionality Properly

Keeping your call on mute unless you have something essential to say minimizes the commitment of the discussion. It gives other attendees fewer signs to interpret. So, even unmuting for a quick reaction like a laugh or “mmhmm” can be helpful for whoever is leading the meeting or talking.

8) Speak slowly

Be mindful of non-native attendees on the call. Many depend on watching your face or reading your lips to understand the full context of the meeting. Without these signals, they would want you to slow down to ensure they understand what you say.

9) Do Not Leave Your Remote Location in Between

Just like you do not quietly get out of the back door of a physical meeting, you should not leave the location during the virtual meeting. Virtual meeting etiquette for remote attendees is the same. Even if something urgent comes up, you should leave a text message, informing the team that you will be right back.

10) Deal With the Interruptions Maturely

If your dog, kid, mother, or anybody else walks into the screen during the meeting, don’t freak out and react. At this point, everybody has had this meeting experience. It’s just a reminder that we are all humans trying to figure the virtual meeting etiquettes out. So, be calm and behave maturely.

11) Ensure the Feed Quality

Before going live during or joining the meeting, make sure that the internet connection is robust. Not just the internet connection but also ensure the quality of your camera and mic.

12) Don’t Whisper

Don’t start a flank conversation with someone else in your space during the virtual meeting. Don’t think that nobody can hear it. You should know that whispering is a bad online meeting etiquette at any point in time.

13) Stay in Contact After the Meeting is Over

Some of the best discussions or conversations happen after the online meeting is over. Instead of conversing with the attendees in the office, give your remote team member a call right after the meeting.

Over to You

Like numberless things, digital has changed the sphere of online meetings too. Therefore, proper virtual meeting etiquette for attendees is evolving every day. Virtual Meeting Platforms are also easing the process down by providing excellent virtual functionalities. So, to ensure a smooth experience during the online meeting, follow these tips and utilize the virtual features provided by the virtual team meeting platform.

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