Track Your Kids Every Step With GPS Tracker

Can you imagine modern living with the existence of GPS tracking? Don’t we all come across GPS tracking every day in some form or another? From that morning uber you book to your friends asking for your GPS location after a night out, this technology seems to be everywhere. And people seem to be okay with incorporating it into their daily lives. 

But there’s probably so much that you don’t know about when it comes to this revolutionary GPS technology. Today, one of the primary concerns that plague most parents is their child’s safety. But how can you ensure your child’s safety if you are stuck at work miles away? This is where GPS tracking comes in to save the day!

Keep reading to find out how!

What Is GPS Tracking? 

GPS tracking system entails an entire network encompassing as many as 24 satellites inside devices on earth and in orbits which can easily establish any object or person’s location and that too with amazing precision.
Moreover, GPS tracking monitors three separate sets of data,

  • Navigation, 
  • Timing, and
  • Positioning.

Although most people think this technology has just arrived in the world, that’s a common misconception since the technology has been around for a long time now. Originally created in the 1960s for military usage, the technology was made usable by the general public in the 1980s. And there was no looking back after that. 

GPS technology has only seemed to grow after it was made available to the general public. Today in 2022, the technology is used for military purposes around the world, and at the same time, it is also used by parents for tracking kids from afar. 

How To Use GPS Tracker For Tracking Your Kids?

Before you can start looking for any GPS tracker for kid’s shoes, you need to understand how the technology works. In case you didn’t know, GPS technology basically utilizes several satellites, all of which are orbiting Earth. Now the satellites constantly broadcast their status and locations right above us. 

The Master Control Station of GPS monitors these movements continually. At the same time, it also monitors other tracking stations on earth for ensuring both proper functioning and accuracy. In fact, the Master Control Station also takes care of both correction and maintenance if anything were to go wrong. 

What happens next is that a GPS device on the ground (on Earth) receives the signals. After receiving the signals, it also interprets the unique data of each signal. Once it is able to map the locations of a few satellites, keeping in mind the tracking device, the GPS device can easily find out the exact position and that too in three-dimensional space. In fact, satellites are used often for validating unique data and providing accuracy in location reading.

Top GPS Trackers For Kids In 2022:

Wondering whether you should put the GPS tracker on your kids swimming shoes? Or somewhere more discreet? Well, that comes later. First, check out the best GPS trackers of 2022!

Thus, the top GPS trackers for kids in 2022 are as follows, 

1. Jiobit Next

One of the best GPs trackers for kids out there, this one is loved by everyone because of its,

  • Battery life that lasts longer than 10 days 
  • Learning technology 
  • Small size and portability 
  • Data protection by encryption
  • Certifed by COPPA

2. AngelSense Kids’ GPS tracker

One of the best GPS trackers for kids with disabilities, AngelSense Kids’ GPS tracker is loved by consumers because of its, 

  • Two-way calling
  • Listen-in function
  • Transit alerts
  • Location updates after 10 seconds 
  • Meant for children with special needs

3. GeoZilla GPS tracker

It is highly possible that you don’t have the budget to opt for the two other products mentioned above. In that case, you can opt for this budget-friendly GeoZilla GPS tracker. People love it because of its,

  • Global GPS coverage
  • SOS feature
  • Impressive battery with up to five days of life
  • Compatibility with Android, Apple Watch, and iOS
  • Frequent updates 

4. TickTalk 4

The best part about the TickTalk 4 is it actually looks good. So, your child would have no issue wearing it since it looks quite good. However, it is so well-liked by buyers because of its, 

  • Step tracker
  • Video calling 
  • Messaging 
  • Geofencing
  • No distracting applications or games

5. Lynq Smart Compass

The Lynq Smart Compass took the whole GPS tracking technology to a whole new level. The reason why people love it is because of its,

  • Real-time updates
  • Relatively more precise 
  • Battery life that lasts up to three whole days
  • Geofencing
  • Works everywhere, even in all remote locations

Wrapping Up: 

The GPS tracker technology has several uses – monitoring your child’s location is perhaps one of the more recent discoveries. After crimes against children increase, the only solution to keep your child safe is via consistent tracking of their whereabouts. That also saves you from repeatedly calling your child and depending on what they are saying. 

Things can turn real dicey fast. So, it’s better to use GPs technology for keeping your child safe and secure instead of depending on other unreliable sources! Don’t forget to let us know in the comments section below your thoughts on the same!


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