Things To Consider While Buying Rolling Trays

Who does not like a perfectly rolled joint? The satisfaction that any smoker gets after rolling his own joint is unmatched. Although users can take advantage of readymade joints, the craze for rolling one’s own still remains intact.

The rolling trays are one of the most fundamental components that help users achieve this goal. It provides a platform to hold the ground herbs safely, providing the user with the necessary comfort needed while rolling them. This article will focus on what to consider before buying a rolling tray.

Eight things to consider before buying a rolling tray


While rolling trays are available in various shapes, the classic design is rectangular. This shape of the tray looks edgy, and it is effortless to hold herbs on it, thanks to its four corners. So, talking of shape, a rectangle is the most preferred one for most kinds of smokers, regardless of age, gender, etc.


Different sizes are available for a rolling tray, from large to small. The small and medium ones are mostly preferred by users who participate in solo smoking sessions. On the contrary, larger ones are best for group settings or for regular smokers who roll more joints per day.


The best shape for a rolling tray is rectangular, but another essential attribute of a rectangular tray should be its lifted edges. These raised edges will prevent accidental spillage of ground herbs. In addition to looking better, this also helps you avoid the wastage of your herb.


It is essential to check out the material from which a tray is built. Glass is the most preferred and advantageous option. It looks attractive and makes a tray durable and sturdy enough to be used for a long time.


Cost is another critical factor to take into account when buying these trays. A good tray would cost anywhere between $5-$30, which is not much. A customer, therefore, needs to reduce the possibility of a shortage in funds by getting the best product value for the least money. Therefore, this price range is perfect.


A blank-looking rolling tray is not really enticing to look at, which is why there are trays in various colors, designs, and patterns. Therefore, you can look for the design or theme that suits you the most. You can also look for a color that matches or contrasts with the rest of your smoking paraphernalia.


Before buying a tray, remember to ask yourself about the average number of times you plan to use it.

If you plan to use it regularly, you can spend a little more and get a high-quality tray that can last a long while. However, if you are not a regular smoker and only smoke on special occasions, you can get something cheaper as you will use it less frequently.


A rolling tray should not take up much space in storage. It should be compact while having enough room for the user to roll joints freely. Therefore, proper consideration of its space requirements is also essential.

It does not matter if you are an amateur or an advanced smoker; it is almost a fundamental requirement to add a rolling tray to your smoking collection.

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