The Red Nose Pit Bull Myths and Realities

red nose pit bull

Today there are many well-known Pit Bulls that are Red Nose pits, like Cesar Millan’s Dad or the largest Pit Bull in the world, Hulk.

Breeders today advertise Red Nose Pit Bull puppies and even “pink” nose Pit Bulls for a price that is high, and claim they are scarce.

What exactly is what is a Red Nose Pit, exactly? What is the difference between the Red and a Blue Nose Pit? Are Red Nose Pit Bulls more aggressive? What is the reason some appear to look similar to having pink noses? What is the average length Pit Bulls live?

Pit Bull is a polarizing and emotionally charged subject. Many view pit bulls as man-eaters who are dangerous While others argue that the pit bull’s aggression is just due to how they were taught. To fully understand dogs and to answer the above questions we must examine all the facts.

Contrary to popular belief contrary to popular belief, the truth is that a Pit Bull is not a breed. It’s a kind of dog into which different breeds are classified.

Similar to this can be found in the Retriever. Retriever is a broad term that covers a variety of breeds, such as the of Golden Retriever, the Labrador Retriever as well as more specifically, the Chesapeake Bay Retriever.

What are the Four Pit Bull Breeds or Types?

There are numerous dogs who have the Pit Bull look. There are however only four Pitbull-type breeds. These are the American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT), the American Staffordshire Terrier, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and the American Bully.

Contrary to what many suggest, dogs aren’t born as blank slates. They do have certain traits that have been handed over the years through selective breeding. This is the reason they are Border Collie instinctively tries to herd, or the reason the pointer is pointed.

Their lineage goes through the Olde English Bulldogge. Today extinct, the Bulldogge was employed in bear fights from the time of Shakespeare and before.

If the bears were able to escape they were used to bait bulls. They became known for their speed but were deemed to be too dumb to be trained. The law made bull-baiting illegal The dogs were then kept to fight in the notorious dogfights.

They weren’t bred as an individual breed and were often crossbred with other breeds like terriers in order to improve their agility and speed within the pit. Thus the name, Pit Bull Terrier. Pit Bull Terrier.

The year 1976 was the first time that dogfighting was made unconstitutional in the USA. Then, Pit Bulls were unfairly stigmatized by the media. Pit Bulls have banned some parts of Canada as well as in countries such as the UK.

The media turmoil of the 1980s revealed an utter misunderstood regarding pitbull blue nose. This naturally caused outrage among Pit Bull enthusiasts and created an emotional topic.

Red Nose Pit Bull Origins

It’s difficult to pinpoint an exact date the exact date when the first copper-, or red-colored dog was born, sporting an orange-reddish brown nose. In reality, Pitties are likely descended from mastiff-type dogs who arrived in England during the time of the Romans.

It’s possible that some were red in color in the beginning.

In actual Pit Bull enthusiast circles, “Red Nose” refers to an ancestral bloodline dating to the 18th century in Ireland. It can be described as an Old Family Red Nose strain of Pit Bulls who were closely developed for their determination as well as “gameness” in the pit.

This line-breeding of the Old Family Red Nose made many of them appear similar and have the famous red coloration.

In the world of dogfighting, dogs being “game” means that they will die before it ceases to fight. While “curs” or dogs who quit or tried to escape were taken away and wiped from bloodlines.

It was originally bred by just a handful of breeders, such as Bob Lightner, the Old Red Nose Family breed made its journey to America and is still is in the present.

It is among many famousPit Bulls lines, which include Colby, the Jeep, Colby, and Gottiline Pit Bulls.

What are the Characteristics of the Old Family Red Strain?

Real Old Family Reds are extremely scarce as outcrossing, and sloppy breeding has almost ended the line. Only a handful of authentic Old Family Red breeders are left, so keep an eye out for fake advertising and inbreeding.

Dogs with real origins all the way back to Old Family Reds are known for their spirited nature and athleticism to the extreme. They are ready for anything and give you 100 percent. Black German Shepherd Everything You Need To Know

They are also considered to be great family dogs who love children. But, they are strong and sometimes strong with unwavering determination. They don’t always blend well into numerous pet homes. They aren’t always easy for novice owners.

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