The New Fujitsu fi-8000 Series!

If you appreciate thoughtful, cutting-edge design in office products, the new Fujitsu fi-8000 series is an exciting development in the scanner marketplace. These hyper-efficient machines improve on their predecessors to tackle a wide array of office tasks faster and more efficiently than before.

The Digital Age of Scanning

In a modern scanner, the scanning mechanism itself is only one element of a truly optimized design. The feeding mechanism, interface and software are all improved as well for the overall best scanning performance.

The fi-8000 series introduces a variety of exciting upgrades. The scanning speed is faster, making even the most demanding applications, like scanning documents for a busy accounting firm in the peak of tax season, fly by. Improved color matching technology makes for scanned images that are closer to the original than ever before. Emphasis on ease of use and streamlined controls make the newest scanners easier to operate than less advanced models, with the most popular scanner featuring no more than six well-marked buttons.

Making Sure the Model Is Correct for the Job

New design considerations often mean a wider range of models, since each scanner is better tailored to a specific office environment. When considering a scanner upgrade, picture how the technology will fit into your company’s workflow and workspace.

Versatile All-Around Choice

The Fujitsu fi-8170 is a great all-around option for a high-performance scanner. This model is popular because it’s compact enough to sit on a desk alongside a computer. It’s the latest improvement on Fujitsu’s best-selling scanner, which is seen in over one million offices.

The newer model’s Clear Image Capture tech can generate crisp images from documents that make automated data entry more reliable. It’s also built for volume, able to scan 70 double-sided pages per minute regularly without jams or technical issues such as one paper blocking another.

Federal Government Scanner

For an even faster option, the Fujitsu fi-8190 can scan 90 double-sided pages per minute. This scanner is a great choice for US federal government offices, since it’s TAA compliant and received an EPEAT Silver rating. It has all of the clear image features and reliability of the 8170 model and is also a desk-friendly size.

Flatbed Option

The Fujitsu fi-8270 is the perfect choice for those who prefer a scanner with a flatbed. While slightly larger, the utility of the fi-8270 can make it a hyper-efficient scanning station for an office. Delicate documents such as books, bound documents antique photos can be scanned the old-fashioned way, while the automatic feeder delivers the same high-speed performance as the smaller fi-8000 series models.

Scanner Technology Is Always Advancing

Improved speed, superior image clarity and the option to use a flatbed scanner elevate the fi-8000 series to new heights. The Fujitsu fi-7160 is the best-selling ADF scanner in the world for a reason: It’s reliable, fast, and features industry-leading software to maximize efficiency. However, no technology is perfect, and constantly seeking out improvements makes a great option even better. The new fi-8000 series can easily handle the demanding tasks of any modern office.

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