Termite Control – How to Keep Termites Away

If you suspect that you have termites, you may need Termite Control in your home. While the chemicals used to kill termites are many, some of the more effective methods are Fumigation and Diatomaceous earth. There are some differences between these three methods, so it’s important to know which one is right for your home. In addition to choosing the best method, make sure the company you choose has a state license and is certified by the National Pest Management Association.

Terminix Termite Control

If you live in North Carolina, you may be wondering if Terminix Termite Control can help you. North Carolina’s climate makes it an ideal place for mosquitoes to breed. Fortunately, you don’t need to worry; the company offers mosquito control in Greensboro. All it takes is a little standing water to make them a nuisance. The Sentricon System, for example, uses a pesticide tube that must be inserted into a station where termites are active. This product requires regular monitoring and further inspection to ensure it is working.

When it comes to termite control, the history of Terminix Termite Control is rich and diverse. It was founded in the 1920s as the Bruce-Terminix Research Lab, and now owns a subsidiary of ServiceMaster. The company has invented many pest control products and has developed scientific research on the topic. It has even developed and patented termite control products for the government. It’s also one of the first termite control companies to franchise and offer termite protection guarantees. Today, Terminix is a global company with over 2.8 million customers.


Using Termidor termite pest control services can be effective for killing termites and preventing further infestations. It is extremely effective, eliminating termites within 90 days. This product is safe for use on food and non-food surfaces. There are two types of Termidor: SC and Termidor. Each is highly effective in killing termites. Termidor SC will completely eliminate termites in 90 days. Termidor SC is the best choice for termite control because it is a dependable product.

Compared to other pesticides, Termidor is not detectable by termites. It also has a long-term effectiveness since it sticks to the skin of worker termites. It can also be transferred back to the central colony nest for mass termite eradication. Termidor is one of the most advanced termiticides on the market and has excellent safety and environmental profiles. To use Termidor, you must make sure to place it in the soil.

Diatomaceous earth

One of the most common ways to keep termites away is by applying Diatomaceous Earth to the interior surfaces of your home. You can sprinkle it around the foundation or put it in the hollow areas of walls, floors, or ceilings. This product is safe for use inside your home and can increase termite control up to 10 times! Here are some tips on how to use DE to keep termites away.

First, apply diatomaceous earth to exposed wood. Do not apply too much, as it will not cover all the wood in the space. The diatomaceous earth is non-toxic and will only repel termites if they are exposed to the product. Also, make sure to wear protective gear to prevent any inhalation. Diatomaceous earth will prevent other creeping insects from infesting your home.


While sprays and gases are only effective for visible areas, fumigants are far more effective, reaching the most unseen places in the house or building. The gas fumigant, known as Vikane, penetrates all wood members in the structure, including cracks, crevices, and wood piles. Fumigation for termite control is an excellent solution for homes or businesses with sensitive environmental conditions.

The process of fumigation involves several steps. First, homeowners must prepare their homes properly before the treatment. To avoid the risks, homeowners should prepare for the treatment by removing food and plants, removing mulch around the foundation of the home, and sealing food and drinks. They should also cut back any foliage within three feet of the home. The utility company should be notified of the fumigation, and make arrangements for the shut-off and restoration of service.

Termites will swarm once the colony has reached an unmanageable population. This chaotic event usually occurs during the evenings, from late summer to early fall. Most swarmers will die before they can become the new queen. Once the swarm is complete, shed wings will indicate that the infestation is well-established. In addition to wood, termites will feed on swimming pool liners and filtration systems.

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