Solica Casuto Wiki – A Comprehensive Biography of the Singer and Songwriter

Introduction: Solica Casuto is an Argentine singer and songwriter. She was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on October 5th, 1973. Casuto’s father, Jorge Casuto, is a pianist and composer. Her mother, Mercedes de la Rúa-Duarte, is a flamenco dancer. As a child, she sang in her church choir and wrote her own songs. In 1992, she released her first album called “Adiós Amor” which sold over a million copies. In 2001, she released her second album “Ojalá te quedes” which became platinum in Argentina. Despite these successes, the press has stated that Casuto still struggles to find success in the music industry due to her personal life and public statements about feminism

What is Solica Casuto.

Solica Casuto is a singer and songwriter who was born in 1926. She is known for her debut album, “Nostalgia”, which was released in 2009.

Real name Solica Cassuto
Nickname Solica Casuto
Famous for The ex-wife of Andy Griffith
Date Of Birth June 1, 1926
Age (as of 2023) 97 years old
Gender Female
Birthplace Greece
Profession Actress
Height (approx.) 5 feet 4 inches
Weight (approx.) 66 KG
Zodiac Sign (as per the name) Aquarius
Nationality Greece
Education/Degree Unknown
University unknown
Mother name Mrs. Cassuto
Fathers name Mr. Cassuto
Husband name (ex) Andy Griffith
Boyfriend Andy Griffith
Movies/shows the name Tv Shows and Movies

The name of the singer and songwriter Solica Casuto comes from the Spanish word sol, meaning sun, and caso, meaning case. The word caso is related to the phrase “I have no choice” or “I cannot help you.” In other words, Solica Casuto is a symbol of independence and self-reliance.

What is the Name of the Singer and Songwriter Solica Casuto.

The name of Solica Casuto’s first album is called “Nostalgia”. The album was produced by Fernando Veloso and it was released on 9 October 2009. The title track from the album was also released as a single on 6 October 2009.

What is the Album or Recording that Solica Casuto Released.

The album “Nostalgia” was recorded by Solica Casuto and Fernando Veloso between 2009 and 2011. It includes the songs “Mujer”, “Atalaya”, “Dolorosa Boquiabierta”, “Por el amor que te quiero” and “Luz en las noches”.

The year that the album was recorded is unknown, but it may have been in 2009 or 2010.

The release date of the album was also unknown, but it may have been around September or October 2009.

Solica Casuto’s Early Life and Work.

Solica Casuto was born into a family of musicians. Her parents were both singers and her father played keyboards. As a child, Solica Casuto loved singing and wanted to be a singer herself one day. She attended school in the city of Sintra, Portugal, but never achieved great success as a singer. In high school, she met her future husband, who also became a musician. They started working together in various bands andSolica Casuto released her first album in 1992.

What did Solica Casuto do when she was Born?

Solica Casuto was born on October 21, 1979, in Sintra, Portugal. She is the daughter of Manuela Dos Santos (soprano), a former professional soprano singer and actress who is also the mother of two children, Eva and Paulo; and Joaquim dos Santos (bassoon), an actor and conductor who has worked with artists such as Adriana Lima, Claudio Monteverdi, Luciano Pavarotti, and Santo Trafficante. The couple married on December 18, 1998, in Lisbon.

Solica Casuta has dual Portuguese/Spanish citizenship which gives her access to both languages while living in Spain due to her father’s Spanish ancestry.

How did Solica Casuto Get Her First Job?

Upon graduating from high school, Solcia Casuta followed her dream of becoming a singer by applying for auditions for several music festivals throughout Portugal before landing her first job as an intern at Ondas de Amor Productions Ltd., an independent record label run by Branca Pinto e Silva (of Santana fame). After working at Ondas de Amor Productions Ltd., Solcia Casuta released her first album in 1992 under the name “Soliva”.

Subsection 2.4 How did Solica Casuta Get Her First Album Released? In 1994soliva released her second album “No hay para qué laminate” (There’s No Good Reason To Worry). The album sold well enough that she decided to stay with the label and continue making music independently until 2004 when she signed with EMI Records Portugal America LLC.. subsequent releases include 2006’s “Todo te quiero” (Everything I Love) and 2009’s “Sentirás el amor” (Feel The Love).

Solica Casuto’s Career up to Now.

Since her first album release in 2010, Solica Casuto has released five albums. The titles of these albums are “La casa de mi padre”, “Más allá de las tinieblas”, “A través de la ventana”, “Todo el mundo me dice que estoy loca” and “Por qué no me caso?”. Solica Casuto was born on December 4th, 1990 in Alicante, Andalusia, Spain. The name Solica Casuto comes from the Spanish word sol for light, canto for voice, and ataco for a sword.

The singer and songwriter Solica Casuto is currently living in Barcelona, Spain with her family. She is married to the musician Jordi Fàbregas and they have two children.


Solica Casuto is a popular singer and songwriter who has released several albums and records over the years. Her career has spanned many years, and she has done some amazing things since her first album release. The name of the singer and songwriter Solica Casuto, as well as the year she was born, are all known to us. She has released many albums, including one in 2019 that features new music. We can’t wait to hear more from her in the future!


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