Sexually transmitted diseases: Facts that all should know

Many men and women get sexually transmitted diseases; one can get them by having sexual intercourse, oral sex, or only by touching the genitals. The problem of STD can occur to anyone, regardless of their marital status, origin, or anything. But you must make sure your partner is fully protected before you have sexual intercourse with them. Also, a successful way to protect yourself from getting sexually transmitted diseases is by using condoms. Also, some STDs are easy to cure, while others are not. So, if you think you may have a problem with sexually transmitted diseases, get yourself screened immediately.

Also, if you want to know all about sexually transmitted diseases, you want a successful solution to them. Then read down the article to the end.

Asymptomatic Sexually transmitted diseases-

Also, if you want to know all about the problem of male sexual problems, you want a successful solution to it. Then read down the article to the end.
There are a lot of sexually transferred diseases, which show no symptoms at all. Even though, then also they can share the infections with others. So, sexologists in Delhi highly recommends using condoms during sexual intercourse and any other sexual activity.

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Some of the sexually transmitted diseases which have symptoms-

1. Chlamydia-

Chlamydia is an infection in the genital area. Also, the problem does not show any of the symptoms in the beginning. They generally show signs after a few days of being affected by it. 

Signs and symptoms- 

  1. You feel pain during urinating. 
  2. There is a lot of pain in your lower abdomen area. 
  3. Unusual discharge from the penis of men. 
  4. You feel pain during sexual intercourse. 
  5. There is a lot of testicular pain in men.

2. Gonorrhea-

The problem of Gonorrhea is a bacterial infection in the genital, which can grow in the throat, eyes, mouth, and anus. Also, the initial symptoms of the problem generally occur after ten days of you getting the problem. But sometimes, it takes months and years to show any signs or symptoms. 

Signs and Symptoms of Gonorrhea- 

  1. There is a thick bloody discharge from the penis. 
  2. You feel pain and sensations of burning while you pee. 
  3. There are visible painful and swollen testicles. 
  4. You go through the problem of anal itching. 

3. Trichomoniasis-

The problem of Trichomoniasis is due to a microscopic parasite known as Trichomonas vaginalis. The issue of Trichomoniasis can thus transfer during sexual intercourse with your partner. This problem generally has no symptoms at all and infects the urinary tract of men. You can only see signs of this problem after 5 to 28 days of getting affected by the situation. 

Signs and Symptoms of Trichomoniasis- 

  1. There is a clear, green, yellow, or white discharge from the penis. 
  2. You feel the urge to itch inside and around the area of the penis. 
  3. A lot of pain during sexual intercourse. 
  4. You feel pain during urination. 

4. HIV Infections-

If you go through the problem of HIV, then you generally lose the ability to fight against viruses. And sometimes these problems go to the verge of giving you chronic diseases such as AIDS, etc. 

Also, usually, the person who has HIV does not show any symptoms at all. But with time, after some weeks, you can get some common cold, flu-like symptoms. So, the only way to be sure of the problem of HIV is to get tested. 

Early symptoms of HIV- 

  1. You go through the problem of sore throat, fever, headache, rash, and fatigue initially. 
  2. However, some symptoms like weight loss, fever, diarrhoea, shortness of breath can also be seen. 

Late signs of HIV- 

  1. By having chills in body with a high fever of 100.4 F. 
  2. You soak through night sweats often. 
  3. There are persistent headaches in you. 
  4. You go through the problem of chronic diarrhoea and extreme fatigue. 

5. Genital herpes-

Herpes -a problem in a person generally enters through skin or mucus membranes. Also, the majority of people who go through the trouble of herpes never know they have one, as there are no signs and symptoms of the problem. 

 But if somehow you get the symptoms of it, the first episode of the problem is worst. Also, some people do not see any recurrent episodes; however, it is an endless cycle for some. 

Some of the signs and symptoms of Genital herpes are- 

  1. Small blisters or bumps in the genital area and nearby areas. 
  2. There is pain and itching around the pubic area. 

Which doctor to consult for sexually transmitted diseases-

There are a lot of sexual diseases, which do not show any of the symptoms in people at all. However, to be sure if you are suffering from any of the sexually transmitted diseases, you should consult and get yourself screened by a sexologist as soon as possible. Also, if you are wondering about the doctor who will provide you with the best solutions to all your sexual problems. Then you must immediately consult Dr Chirag Bhandari, who is also a world-renowned sexologist.
And with his expertise in the subject, he has treated millions of patients all around the world. His patients have been highly satisfied by the results which he gives. And they also recommend him to all others.

Take away-

A lot of men go through a lot of sexual and personal problems in their lives. But they never discuss these problems with others, as they are generally shamed and anxious doing so. But in reality, if you get these problems addressed in time by a doctor, 90 per cent of the time, you can find an effective solution. Also, the doctors and the sexologists are non-judgemental to be comfortable sharing your problems with them. So, if you see any of the symptoms in you or your partner, then get yourself checked and find a solution to it. Try to adopt healthy life style do exercise and take herbs like ginseng to maintain health.
So, IASH, India, is one of the most famous hospitals which deals with personal problems. Although, if you want more information about the doctors and the hospital; then check it out on “IASH India“.

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