Secret Tips to Improve Your IELTS Writing Scores

IELTS writing test is rated as the most strenuous test by both Academic and General Training candidates. This seems arduous because of not up-to-the-mark writing skills. Therefore, you must focus on your writing skills to attempt your IELTS writing task perfectly and smoothly. How could you do that? This can only be done by devoting adequate time to practice writing. 

Once you boost your writing skills, it will be easy for you to achieve an esteemable band score in IELTS writing. Furthermore, it is equally important to follow some steps while attempting the IELTS writing task because any negligence can lower your IELTS writing scores. In this article, we have highlighted some great tips you must follow while attempting the IELTS writing task to achieve a high band score. Apart from it, if you want to acquire splendid advice from experts to boost your English writing skills, you can consider approaching an illustrious sauce that offers the best IELTS online classes

Here are some secret tips to intensify your IELTS writing scores: 

Understand the question 

When you first try to apprehend the questions before plunging into writing, it can solve half of your problem. So, make sure to pay heed to the question and its type. Then, try to comprehend what the question actually demands. Scrupulously observe whether the question demands your opinion, argument, solution to a specific problem or general discussion. Afterward, observe the examiner’s perspective i.e what the examiner is expecting from your answer. This will help you convey your ideas and thoughts in a better possible way. 

Map your ideas 

After understanding the context, take 5 minutes to make a structure of the writing task on a paper. Everything that is coming to your mind, make sure to write in the form of bullet points. Make a systematic and organized structure of your ideas to avoid any confusion later. This will help you just elaborate on the points, thereby saving a lot of time. Otherwise, you need to pause in order to think about ideas to write. 

Practice most common topics 

There are a number of online IELTS exam preparation apps and web portals that can help you with the IELTS writing part. All you need to do is practice the sample papers and prepare them well. This will let you know about the writing criteria and the types of questions being asked in the IELTS writing tasks. Apart from familiarization with the pattern, it will aid in boosting your vocabulary. Don’t forget to analyze your performance level after completing each writing task as it will help you improve your weak areas. Whether you are weak in grammar, vocabulary, spelling or sentence framing, practicing sample writing tasks will help you strengthen your negatives rapidly. 

Manage your time optimally 

As only 60  minutes are allocated to perform two writing tasks, there is a need to manage your time optimally. It is better to make a strategy that can help you complete both the tasks within time-bound. The best strategy is to allocate 20 minutes to task 1 and 40 minutes to task 2. Moreover, try to complete your tasks before the time so that you can proofread your tasks in order to correct any flaws. Let us tell you that proofreading is an ideal way to correct your grammatical flaws or spelling errors, thereby helping in improving IELTS writing scores. 

Focus on vocabulary 

Lexical resources are one of the crucial factors on which your IELTS writing scores depend. So, you need to work on improving your vocabulary. You must know how to spell words, how to fit words in sentences and what is the proper word-formation. Otherwise, you can make a bunch of mistakes in your writing task which can impact your IELTS writing scores. So, to leave a good impression on the examiner, it is recommended to work on your vocabulary. For this, expose yourself to English material as much as you can and try to learn new words. Don’t just learn, instead, make sure to use them in your daily life conversation for better apprehension. 

Use formal language 

As people are getting addicted to chats and SMSs, they are becoming more fond of using an informal tone of language. Using short phrases and informal language is becoming common in this modern world. However, you must know that informal language is strictly prohibited in the IELTS exam. If you complete your writing task using informal language, you may offend your examiner. Thus, the examiner can give you marks accordingly. So, if you don’t want to lower your IELTS writing scores, make sure to avoid using informal language. 

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Summing up: 

To sum up, these are some tips that can help you magnify your IELTS writing scores if followed properly. So, make sure to follow each tip cautiously to achieve an esteemable band score. 

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