In what ways we can get a Personal loan without a company listing? 

Personal loan without a company listing

Most people wish to have their own home, conveyance, or other luxuries during living in UAE. so that they can enjoy a luxurious and elegant life happily while living here in UAE. But the main thing is, how can maintain all such expenses with the additional luxuries? Because in UAE, everyone can not afford such facilities especially when you came from another region of the world. Similarly, if you are doing some kind of job and want to maintain your career as well with your elegant lifestyle. Both things can be managed well if you go towards the banks near your hometown. Because the solution to such issues is lying in the personal loan, so apply for it and make your life easier than before.  

Now the thing is if you are an owner of some kind of business with a good reputation. And you want to obtain a personal loan, so with a good reputation company, you may get a loan without much effort. Because banks will not give a personal loan without a company listing. It means that if your company is just a normal average company without good credit history or good market value. So, banks may not allow personal loan to your company with this drawback. These are the basic terms and conditions related to the banking system in UAE. Let’s discuss the furthermore about the personal loan relationship with listed companies in UAE.  

What is the concept behind listed companies in UAE and how does it relate to personal loans?   


In UAE many business companies are working on large and small scales but the main thing is their market value. When a company maintains a good market value with the good income production practice. It will be prominent in the list of banks, and this process of highlighting the company in the papers is quite automatic. So, if you are planning to get the best loan in UAE, your company should maintain its position in the market. Because banks will never support you so much with easily in the matter of personal loan. There are a few main points through which the identification of listed and non-listed companies will be easy.    

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  • First of all, listed companies shouldn’t the new and it should be well experienced for almost 2 to 3 years in the business field.  
  • The listed company retains good human resources and also should be able to pay all the wages to the labor force. 
  • The production and the advertising department of a such listed company should be also prominent with good quality and quantity.  
  • The annual Report of a listed company should be well worth and accurately perfect in all terms. 
  • Monthly revenue will be also acceptable and highly appreciate able. 
  • Listed companies can be of high-level or branded companies in the UAE. Likewise, these can be on a small scale or non-branded companies as well. 
  • If your company is not included in the list of banks, so you have to do an effort to get the loan. Because banks will not allow easily personal loan without company listing. 
  • If all these things are attached to your company, the bank will automatically allow the personal loan to you. That means, you will be easily added to the list of the bank and you can not do anything special to take that loan.    

How can we get the info about the non-listed company?  


  • The process is very simple you can do this task by using almost 2 to 3 types of methods. In which contact through calling numbers are most famous. People usually use this method because of its benefit, anyone can make a call to the bank and can ask about his/her company. Bank will inform you about a company after checking in the list of banks. 
  • Another method is through visiting the bank physically and asking about your company, whether it is on the list or not. This will take less time also and the bank will tell you on the spot.  
  • The third and the best method is the home base method. In which, you have to check the details of the company through internet facility. Just go to the website of online loans in UAE and search about your company. The website of the bank will show the results and you will get your outcome related to your business company.  

What will we do if our company is not listed? How can we get a personal loan?  


If you are not in the list of banks, so you have to follow the rules and regulations provided by the banks. All those rules are designed to obtain a personal loan without a company listing. In which, your salary, bank statements, trading license, ID, and other documents will be essentially required.  



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