People behave differently when they wear different dresses

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It is an interesting fact that every persona has his identity, being different. The thinking of being unique compels everyone to dress up and  behave differently. Even unintentionally every human being is different from the other. When we talk about idea of being unique/different, a glimpse of the whole personality comes instantly into our minds. We start pondering about the behaviour, dressing sense, nature, thinkings, living style, the class he/she belongs to and most importantly the city or country where he/she is living of the particular persona. These are the most significant factors for behaving differently when the people dress up differently.

Another noteworthy constituent of the leading discussion are the climate or atmospheric conditions, as they matter a lot in behaving and dressing up of the people of particular area where they are residing. Moreover, there’s need to add about the behaviours of the people that are distinctive too.

Here a question arises “Why People behave differently when they wear different dresses”?

Difference between Cultures and Civilizations is another notable element in this respect. It’s culture and civilization that leaves the deepest impacts on the dressing and behaviour of the people,through this people can be easily identified, from where they belong! “Herbert Read” narrated : behaviours dressing up

The worth of a civilization or a culture is not valued in the terms of its material wealth or military powers, but by the quality and achievement of its philosophers, its poets and its artists”

Thus, dressing up and behaving differently is also due to the different culture and civilization. For instance the Asian culture is more about covering the body and dressing up nicely whereas European culture doesn’t include such restrictions.

Another significant factor for behaving and dressing up differently is the different “RELIGION”, as 95% of the people around the world dress up in accord to their religious beliefs. In this case, it’ll not be incorrect to take example of Pakistani culture and religion, it is being observed that most of the people here dress up, keeping in view their religion, covering body and many women covering their heads as well because of the fact that they are Muslims.

The foregoing discussion can be more expanded by narrating another reality about the respective topici-e,people behave differently when they wear different dresses as it becomes need of the hour to do so in accordance to the certain profession. For example the way of being dressing up of a student will entirely be different from an air hostess, from a teacher and from a lawyer. Different occasions/events need to be celebrated differently show casing different dresses and behaviour. It’s neither restricted nor wrong for a persona to choose his/her outfit according to his comfort and budget but  behaviours can be controlled.  Behaviours can be or cannot be professional sometimes in accord to the need of the day.

However, to Sum up the precursory discussion it’s really important to dress up and behave differently when wearing different dresses. As both of these represent one’s culture, civilization, religion and profession and reality to belong to one human race can never be denied inspite of all distinct elements. It is well said that:

“We may have different religions, different languages different coloured skin,but we belong to one human race”.

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