On Land, Sea And In The Air: London’s Must-Visit War Museums With Stevenage Taxi

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Whatever the reason behind your brief break to London, the UK capital (perhaps you stayed at an accommodation such as that of the Grand Royale London Hyde Park) It’s a given that you must make time to visit some of the top museums. If there’s any way you’re interested in the British historical military, London is full of magnificent places focused on this particular topic…

Imperial War Museum

The exhibit offers a compelling and sometimes so insightful it can be difficult to gain an understanding of what daily life has been and will continue to be for soldiers and civilians involved in modern warfare The IWM Stevenage Taxi truly is the UK’s largest and most eye-opening museum devoted to the topic. It’s been a major tourist attraction for a long time It has undergone some recent changes, actually it reopened in summer 2014 is presented with a magnificent new atrium and stunning galleries dedicated to the First World War, the most notable of which is an impressive recreation of the Western Front trench, featuring various authentic sounds, images, and even periscopes (the latter is used to allow visitors to look ‘over the top’).

But, what grabs the eye first has to be the nine “Witnesses to War’ items that greet visitors at their first visit to the museum  Chelmsford Taxi and include the V2 rocket as well as a Spitfire and Harrier aircraft all suspended from the ceiling of the museum. In addition, you can visit Level (‘Turning Points: 1934-1945’) for thousands of exhibits that date back to World War Two, Level 2 (‘Peace and Security) for wars that spanned the duration of WWII through the present day and Level 3, (‘Curiosities from the War’) for a fascinating collection of obscure items including an area where the famous Dam Busters bombing squad was once a drinker, and a settee that was made of Hesco fencing used by soldiers in Afghanistan.

Churchill War Rooms

The location is right below the beat center of Westminster this underground maze of rooms is the place where legendary Premier Winston Churchill was, for lengthy periods of time-ordered to oversee the British military during the 1940s of the Second World War. The rooms are now open to the public and protected (that is that they’ve been altered in the past since they were abandoned) to look exactly the way they would have appeared during when the cigar-smoking leader lived underground with his personal and military personnel during the time. In fact, every piece of furniture is placed exactly just as it would be on the ground, right up to the map room, and an area for a transatlantic phone, which gave Churchill an immediate hotline to his US counterpart and President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

On the website is”the” Churchill Museum, an attraction that provides a cutting-edge display of his life, including an online timeline of his life’s accomplishments, as well as personal papers, inspirational photographs, quotes, and even clothing, as his eccentric lifestyle aren’t a secret, For instance, there’s a chance to see his extravagant romper suit (as wide as it’s tall! ) and the letters he wrote to his employees asking that champagne to be served during meals in spite of shortages during wartime.

RAF Museum

What is the Redhill taxis best time to visit this museum specifically dedicated to the commemoration of the history of Britain’s Royal Air Force (RAF) and not in its centennial year? In particular, considering the fact the museum has undergone an extensive renovation in time for the festivities. Visitors can test their flying abilities and learn about the stories of RAF personnel of the past, take a seat in a cockpit and explore an array of interactive exhibits that recount the tales of brave men in their blue uniforms. Additionally, the upgrade this year’s resulted in green areas that have been landscaped along with a play area for children as well as the addition of a restaurant to the park.

The structure is comprised of more than a hundred thousand objects, ranging from lapel badges to aircraft that together span more than 100 years of aviation time. In addition, in case we’re not paying attention there’s more to be discovered in the original Hendon Aerodrome; more than 100 fully-sized aircraft from the past and the present, many suspended from the ceiling like they were flying, including fighters, bombers, and water-landing aircraft and helicopters. It’s a fact that youngsters and older aviation enthusiasts are likely to be soaring over clouds at the end of their visit!


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