Life would have been a roller coaster ride if

roller coaster

Life would definitely have been a roller coaster ride if someone has desire to be at a certain place. If someone is eager to get higher experiences with achievements, because the roller-coaster means, “one may go through many or sudden changes in a short period of time”. If is must to show great willingness and determination in order to move forward to pass thorough various ups and downs of life as “life is never a bed of roses”  for someone who wants to get higher degrees of success. It is truly being said :-

     “Life is like a roller coaster, sometimes you close your eyes and hold on in sheer terror and other times, you just have to raise your hands in the air and enjoy the ride”.

roller coaster
roller coaster

If someone doesn’t experience these ups and downs phases and roller coaster turns, and gets afraid of the terror and obstacles it may have, then he can never embrace the real happiness that can only be gained by the ride of the roller coaster.

To be at a specific place for a long time in order to avoid the difficulties and dangers make someone dull and boring and the actual ride of life can never be experienced. That would be like a pool of water which remains still and produces nothing but bad smell. Thus, to achieve the different levels of success it is really very important to ride a roller-coaster to make life interesting and fruitful.

◾ The world without obstacles is…..

The world without obstacles is a world without creativity and transformation. There are unlimited inventions and discoveries happened and happening in this world, without them, we would be living the life like the man of stone age.

If there will not be difficulties how would we be able to define the difference between winners and loosers, happiness and unhappiness, highs and lows successful and unsuccessful and the list goes on and on. Can you imagine your existence without electricity, internet, communication means, medicines, fans, bulbs and the inventions like these? A BIG NO!  All the variations and comforts in life came into being just because of our ancestors hard work and sacrifices they made to make beingness easier.

roller coaster
roller coaster

Let’s take example of the Muslims of subcontinent who went through toughest time of history to get separate homeland for themselves to live their life freely. In result of all the difficult roads they got to make the beautiful homeland under the kind leadership of our QUAID. Thus, it is proved that :

Roller Coaster

Difficult Roads always lead to beautiful destination”

Yes it is cleared that everyone wants and hopes that a wind would blow and clear all our difficulties away. It never happens. The need of the hour is to have courage and the positive attitude towards problems to get out from them with success and optimism to face all the coming tough times bravely. Epictetus accurately narrated :

It is difficulties which show what men are”

So we shouldn’t mourn our problems, we should solve them. That’s the one reason why we have a mind. Because :

Without problems, there aren’t opportunities,and without opportunities, you can’t grow “

The world does not grow people who have no minds. Those who have a mind will always think of a way out rather than seeing a difficulty as limitations and obstacles they see them as opportunities. The world without problems is a graveyard and no one wants to live there because problems are signs of life.

“Heaven is a place without problems because all the answers are in God. He placed us here so we could find the answers”.

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