Keep You Safe From Mosquito Bites At Home and When Travelling


c. Polyester is great for mosquito netting products but not in shirts! Polyester is extremely durable and can be cleaned easily. Polyester is not a natural fiber, so dirt can be cleaned easily. If used throughout the year, it can also be washed periodically for a more thorough wash. There are generally 156 or 25 holes per sq. inch. These numbers are World Health Organization guidelines and are generally followed by all manufacturers.


There are many ways to make mosquito netting look great, such as jackets. Some hats have face masks, plain netting to cover decks and gazebos, and then there are the mosquito nets. mosquito net for double bed When one is working or hiking near swamps with mosquitoes, protective jackets and hats are very helpful! Night-time mosquito nets – whether they are round (conical) or rectangular, or even just a single net tent – can be a great way to keep them away.


The insecticide is another factor that is being used today. It is often added to the surface of the net and sometimes into the fabric. Insecticides manufactured by manufacturers have been approved by the World Health Organization. These insecticides are made from natural resources. They are safe for almost everyone but can irritate allergy sufferers. For a detailed overview of WHO’s findings, you can search the WHO website for “Insecticide Treated Mosquito Nets”.

You don’t have to use this insecticide. However, you can be as safe with or without it. Although treated nets are not essential, they play an important role in reducing malaria-infected mosquito populations in areas that have high levels of deaths and illness. In addition to insecticide sprays, treated mosquito nets are helping to decrease the likelihood of someone contracting malaria. According to the “Roll Back Malaria Program”, whereas there used to be one to two million people dying annually from malaria every year, today there are less than nine hundred thousand.

Consider what you will need and research the options. Then, choose the products that will help you avoid mosquito bites while you are on the move, at home, or outdoors.

American Idol’s first and most star-studded fundraiser, “Idol Gives Back”, was launched in April 2007 and raised more than $76 million. The special had the goal of raising money for impoverished communities across Africa and the United States, as well as those affected by Hurricane Katrina. All ticket proceeds went to the fund.

It encouraged viewers to make donations online and via toll-free telephone numbers. Coca-Cola and AT&T, sponsors of the program, donated money towards the Charity Projects Entertainment Fund. This fund distributed the money to different charities in Africa and the United States. Malaria No More was one of the charities that received the money. This organization provides mosquito nets, as well other resources, to aid in the prevention and treatment of malaria.

Mosquito Nets For Malaria No More

Malaria No More, a charitable organization, received a portion from “Idol Gives Back.” This charity’s purpose is to increase awareness of malaria in Africa. It also aims to provide resources to communities to purchase mosquito nets and prevent other mosquito-related diseases.

Malaria can be transmitted by a bite of an infected mosquito. Africa is home to the most powerful mosquitoes that spread the disease. mosquito net for single bed While malaria can be prevented and treated, it continues to cause over 1,000,000 deaths per year in Africa. Most of these deaths are children. Africa’s annual burden of malaria is more than $12 million US. It could be controlled with a fraction.

Over $9 million was raised to support Malaria No More. $8 million was raised to support other malaria-related causes. Malaria No More was able, in addition to the financial gain, to share its important message with 60 million viewers and educate them about the topic of malaria. The precious donations enabled this organization to provide mosquito nets as well as other vital resources to over one million children in Angola Mali, Madagascar Madagascar, Uganda, and Zambia.

Idol Recommends

American Idol’s 2nd installment of “Idol Gives Back” was held in April 2008. Malaria No More was once more a recipient. The special, which was more ambitious than ever, featured small clips from the African trips taken by Jordin Sparks, Melinda Doolittle, Elliot Yamin, and Melinda Doolittle, past Idol finalists. Ex-Idols were stunned when they discovered how simple a mosquito net could be used to aid in the country’s ongoing fight against malaria.

A Former Idol Continues to Cause

Brooke White, an ex-Idol contestant, joined forces with Malaria No More to launch the Save the World Summer campaign. mosquito net price The campaign encourages students to raise funds during their summer vacation for charity. While they don’t have the obligation to donate to Malaria No More, they can still choose to support any other charity that they feel is worthy. Malaria No More also offers an incentive: The person who raises more money for mosquito nets will get two tickets to the American Idol final.

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