Does internet speed affect YouTube videos?

Internet Speed affects the quality of YouTube video streaming

YouTube is a video sharing and streaming platform which was first introduced in 2005 and is a website of Google. It has the highest number of daily visitors after Google and is streamed widely all over the globe. People share their videos with other users over YouTube and communicate with them online. The use of YouTube has increased drastically with the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and the imposing of lockdown almost all around the globe. The role of the internet in YouTube surfing is also evident and its speed affects the quality of YouTube video streaming. All these aspects are discussed in this article in detail.


As we are well aware that YouTube is an online video streaming platform that works under the umbrella of Google. The website provides the platform to share and upload videos and interact with others about those videos. The users upload their videos on YouTube and all the people who have access to YouTube can watch it and comment on them.

YouTube became prominent with the increase in the trend of vlogging and sharing daily life routines with others over the platform. Many people create their vlogs and share their day-to-day activities with other people on the internet. The content of YouTube videos is not limited, and it varies from making arts and crafts to doing mini do-it-yourself projects. You can find any tutorial ranging from the vast domains. From cooking a meal for yourself to changing the tire of a car, YouTube has all the relevant content and will teach you about any or everything. This speculation alone is enough to prove the popularity of YouTube videos all around the world. Furthermore, the monetary program of YouTube to provide the users with higher subscribers and video reach with paychecks has also helped YouTube gain the popularity it has at the moment. The idea of rewarding the regular users with higher subscribers and user interactions is also provided with the gifts like gold and silver YouTube buttons to increase their morale and motivation and further enhance their drive to use YouTube regularly.

Not only that, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the boost YouTube along with other online platforms got is not matchable. The pandemic hit the world by the end of the year 2019 and reached its peak by the second month of 2020. All the public places, along with educational institutes and offices were closed in order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Complete lockdowns were imposed all over the world and people were confined to the vicinity of their homes. They worked from home and studied their class at home through online platforms making their lives a bit stagnant and stopped. In those times, turning towards social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. were the only sources to communicate with other people. YouTube became the center of attention and a frequently visited website during those times making the internet usage much higher compared to the normal days.

The use of YouTube without the internet is impossible and with the increased use of YouTube, the internet usage has also increased. Everybody wants to know how their favorite influencers from YouTube are spending their pandemic lockdown days and, in many cases, how to keep oneself busy during those unprecedented times. Moreover, high-quality video streaming affects the internet speed, and it causes a buffer in the video streaming.     

This thing must be kept in mind that in order to stream a high-quality video must ensure that they have access to the fast-speed internet. As the high-quality videos take up more data therefore in order to avoid the buffering, one must have a high-speed internet connection. you do not want to wait for your internet speed to catch up when there is a nail-biting match going on or your favorite series is being streamed. Therefore, high-speed fastest and Cheapest internet is the only way to watch HD videos without interruptions.

Required internet speed

Usually, an internet connection for an average household should require a minimum of 5 to 6 Mbps internet speed in order to watch an online YouTube video. But keeping this internet package might cause buffering and interruptions while streaming your favorite videos as there are other factors that cause video buffering like high peak hours or more traffic over the internet, etc. therefore, an internet package of around 10 to 15 Mbps can be effective in order to stream the YouTube videos effortlessly and without interruptions. This figure of increased speed of the internet will definitely help enhance your experience of watching YouTube videos online.    

So, does internet speed affect the YouTube Video?

The answer is yes. The speed of your internet connection is very much interlinked with the quality of YouTube video streaming. Fast internet speeds provide an efficient experience when it comes to streaming videos online on YouTube. Therefore, one must pay attention to what type of internet plans they are purchasing for themselves. The internet service provider must have fast customer care support service which acts as soon as the issues or problems arise. Furthermore, the internet plan you are planning to take must cater to your whole household’s needs. In other words, if you have many people at home who watch YouTube or surf the internet then your internet plan must have higher speeds and capacity to accommodate all of them and in order to make the user experience efficient and great, the higher speed internet must be incorporated.    

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