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How to increase engagement on Instagram in 2022: 5 effective strategies

With over a billion active users and 100 million posts published per day, Instagram has become a pretty crowded and very competitive place. If you want to emerge, it will not be enough to publish content and wait for the magic to happen. It doesn’t work like that, but if you landed on this article I guess you found out for yourself.

Instagram has changed a lot in recent years. Photos are giving way to short vertical videos and it will be important to learn how to take advantage of this format. Especially if your engagement rate is low and keeps dropping more each month.

If you want to improve your interactions immediately I suggest you join our Telegram group. Thanks to it you will get likes and comments of royalty, in Malaysian and above all for free. We will be able to return to the subject later, now it is really time to start.

How to increase engagement on Instagram in 5 simple steps

The moves you will have to put into practice to increase your engagement rate are really 5, but not all of them are so simple to put into practice. The latter is more complex but don’t worry if it’s the first time you’ve heard of them. It often happens to be a little off-putting on my blog and that’s good. In fact, I promise you that nothing you are about to read has already been covered elsewhere.

To Buy Instagram Followers Malaysia it is essential to choose the best content, and carefully select the times and frequency. Once this is done, choose the best hashtags and try to receive interactions immediately after the publication of the photo.

What is the best content to post on IG?

Even the walls know this. Today, if you don’t post quality content on Instagram, you might as well not even start. I don’t even want to bore you with endless discussions on the choice of editorial plans. Trust me, these are not the things that really make a difference when you want to improve interactions on Instagram. Buy Instagram likes Malaysia for your Instagram posts is the best way to gain more engagement and success. Improve your social media marketing strategy with

Rather, I invite you to dwell on an aspect that hardly anyone ever mentions. That is the type of content.

Choosing the right format is crucial.

Today IG is no longer the social of Zuckerberg‘s photos, you can practically find everything, it is the platform that offers more choice from this point of view.

Do you know what the real secret is to increasing your engagement? Posting the kind of format that Instagram is currently pushing the most. Because every time IG (and not only) launches a novelty, it wants users to use it with participation, and to achieve this goal it is willing to “give” a lot of visibility to the first customers.

There was the moment of the stories, increasing the views of the stories became more and more complicated I know, then it was the turn of IGTV. Now Instagram is betting hard on the Reels. It does this to counter the rise of TikTok.

So study what Reels are and integrate this format into your editorial plan. Here in Thailand where I live it has just been introduced. I did some tests on my profile and the results were quite interesting.

At what time and how often to post on Instagram

If you have a business account you will be able to access your profile analytics. For example, you will find out when your followers are on the social network. And guess when is the best time to post on Instagram? That’s right, it’s pretty intuitive, isn’t it?

Let’s move on to the frequency of publication. Urban legends claim that too much is good, but it’s a lie. Posting too much would bore your followers. But trust me, this is no problem because Instagram never shows all of your content to profile followers. Normally 10% view them and only the most loyal do not miss one. Those are certainly not boring.

On Instagram a photo, concepts of virality aside, lasts more or less 3 hours, then it stops growing. In theory, you could post every three hours but let’s not exaggerate. Normally it would be better not to exceed 3 posts per day, my customers hardly exceed the content every 24 hours, the choice is yours. Obviously, I’m referring to posts, for the stories go wild, but always put quality first.

Leverage IG engagement groups

Instagram tends to reward quality content that receives the most interactions in the first hour of publication. For this reason, engagement groups are still going so strong in 2022. These are communities where Instagram users meet to exchange likes and comments with each other immediately after the publication of their photos.

Use the best hashtags on Instagram

Instagram over the years has given more and more importance to hashtags. You can insert up to 30 in your posts, in my opinion, twenty is more than enough. If you are not new to the blog you already know the magic formula to creating a perfect group of hashtags.

The rule is always valid but to further improve you can take advantage of hashtastic. EU. This tool offers you a lot of fundamental information for choosing hashtags, such as competitiveness. At the same size, the tool suggests the hashtag that gives you more chances of ending up in the popular ones.

How to recover a profile with compromised engagement

Soon I will write a separate article on this because the topic deserves further study. Here I summarize the basics. It often happens to find a profile mistreated over the years by a thousand more or less effective strategies. The result is that the engagement rate is compromised.

This means that maybe you have 100K but organically you are struggling to exceed 500 likes per photo. It is a big problem and I am sure you are perfectly aware that you have actively contributed to this. But don’t worry, there is a remedy for everything.

First, I suggest you start removing fake followers. It is not easy to do it by hand, it risks causing disasters. For this reason, we are working on an “engagement recovery” plan. For now, just remove all those followers who don’t have a profile picture.

The other operations require the analysis of more complicated parameters. I will devote an article to this aspect and also offer you a quick fix.

I recommend, in the removal respect the Instagram limits. Do not exceed 50 operations per hour for a ceiling of 200 per day and 6000 per month. This is an operation that I am also carrying out more than in Phuket. After years of strategies, I too have accumulated a good chunk of junk followers that I am now calmly removing.

Another fundamental aspect, try to re-establish a connection with followers who have not interacted for a long time. They are the famous inactive followers, cross and delight of every Instagram profile, not only yours do not worry.

Much depends on the size of your profile, above a threshold search is really complicated. Also, in this case, respect the hourly limits and try to rekindle the spark. If the task seems difficult to you, know that soon I will have something really important for you.

How to calculate your engagement rate

The techniques we have just seen together will allow you to increase the interactions on your profile. To keep track of the improvements I suggest, an excellent engagement calculator that you can use completely free of charge.

Keep in mind a fundamental aspect. The more a profile grows, the lower the percentage. So if Chiara Ferragni gets a more than decent 1.40%, you may need a much higher rate to “pass the exam” of the tool I have reported to you.

Increase engagement on Instagram: Conclusions

You have just discovered 5 strategies to increase engagement on Instagram. Remember that the number of followers does not matter if the interactions on your content are almost non-existent. The engagement rate is the real parameter to take into consideration and certifies the health of your Instagram profile.

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