Ideas For Anniversary Necklace: A Quick Guide

Finding a good-looking and unique anniversary gift yearly can be quite a challenge. Every year, a wedding anniversary gift reflects your relationship. It shows how vital the relationship is to you. And some of the popular gifts are jewelry like tennis necklaces, diamond pendants, and bracelets.

Jewelry was the most common gift back then. Both men and women have always liked to decorate themselves with necklaces, earrings, and bracelets adorned with elegant gemstones. 


However, a gemstone and metals are linked to every year of the anniversary. The options can vary from gold to diamonds. And here are some guides to help pick the perfect anniversary gift for your partner. 

Necklace Ideas For Anniversaries: How to Decide Which to Get?

Traditional anniversary gifting makes it easier for you to decide what you should give to your partner. By following the traditional anniversary gifting, you can prepare for it and the choices are cut down for a more specific idea.

  1. Consider Engraved Classic Necklace

Celebrate your first anniversary warmly by giving your partner classic jewelry. Gold is perfect for newlyweds who are still getting on their feet. Not only is the gold long-lasting, but affordable too. Gold is used to symbolize pure, bright, and timeless love for each other.


A necklace with engraved initials is also a way to go if you want your anniversary to be more memorable. This symbolizes what you and your partner have in your relationship and is a sign of commitment.

  1. Opt for Necklaces with Timeless Gemstones

For anniversaries, lab created diamonds are famous for gifting. Lab grown diamonds are ethically-sourced, which can symbolize your pure love for your partner. It would also be best to opt for versatile and timeless pieces. And when we talk about versatility, tennis necklaces sit on top.


You can also opt for other gemstones. Garnet, sapphire, and pearls are some of the most used for jewelry. Garnet presents the fierceness of the relationship, while sapphire represents loyalty, reliability, and truthfulness.

  1. Give it Your All in Milestone Anniversaries

Diamonds are used for the 10th anniversary to symbolize the strength of the relationship. It is a sign that you have achieved a decade of love. And giving jewelry with diamonds, like studded earrings and bracelets, shows just how stable your relationship is.


Two decades is a huge milestone. Congratulations on making it and staying for so long! Emerald is the gemstone used for the anniversary showcasing its elegance and beauty. It just shows how successful your relationship is and the loyalty shown throughout the years.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Necklace As A Gift

The right necklace can pull off any outfit you match it with. It can be the highlight or the one who will ruin the outfit. There is a lot to think of when picking a gift for your special one. It is crucial that the gift will suit them and is to their liking. 


Below are some things that need to be considered to avoid making mistakes.

Length of Necklace

The jewelry industry has a necklace standard length that is measured in inches. There are two size guides for women and men.


For women:

  • 14 inches – It is a collar type that is wrapped tightly around the neck. This length is suitable for open-neck shirts.

  • 16 inches – Falls just around the base of the neck like a collar. It is tight and collar-like. It is suited for almost every type of outfit.

  • 18 inches – A collarbone length and same with 16 inches. It also complements almost everything.

  • 20 inches – Sits at the middle of the collarbone and bust. Most wear this length for casual and business attire.

  • 22 – 24 inches – It falls at the top of the bust. This length of necklace is famous to those who prefer casual attire.

  • 26 – 32 inches – It is the opera-type necklace length and falls an inch or two under the bust. This enhances the turtle neck kind of shirt.

And for men (they have lesser guides of length but are accurate):

  • 18 inches – It is suited for smaller men and falls at the base of the neck.

  • 20 inches – The most common size for men.

  • 22 inches – A few inches below the collarbone, it can be added with other accessories.

Shape of Necklace


Necklaces with pendants are designed to have a V-Shape to add length to the area it covers. It also softens broad shoulders. At the same time, the round necklace is shorter and adds volume to small shoulders.

Body Shape


Most of the people you meet usually stop booking you at the end of the necklace, so many jewelry stores advise clients to avoid a necklace that will bring attention to the bust area, especially those with larger bust size. 


Please take advantage of the tip and use it to place the necklace on the body part that you want attention to.

Face Shape


Another benefit of wearing the perfect necklace is that it helps with the frame of the face. It showcases the beauty of the body parts and amplifies it.  With the right necklace, you can show the strongest facial features of one person.

Why Jewelry is Popular as Anniversary Gift

Anniversary Gift
Anniversary Gift
  1. It is not something one person will buy for themselves.

The majority of the population will instead upgrade their shoes, bags, clothing, and more than have a piece of jewelry. And nowadays, people consider jewelry a luxury that comes with a considerable cost. 

  1. A timeless accessory that holds sentimental value.

With jewelry, you can wear it anywhere—for example, a passed-down diamond pendant necklace given by your grandmother. Not only do you wear it as an accessory, but it also carries memories. It is irreplaceable, unlike electronics or cars. It can get old and dirty, but its sentimental value and worth can still be passed to future generations.

  1. Jewelry is for anyone.

One of the challenges of gifting is to find something that will match the receiver, and jewelry is for any age, making it easier for the givers.


It is a no-brainer that jewelry necklaces are a great idea for an anniversary gift. You can personalize it to match the receiver and make it a remembrance of your relationship and its memories. Its timeless beauty and elegance, especially necklaces with diamonds, will surely go on for a long time.


What’s important is what you think is best for your special loved one and what will suit them. Remember that anything you give them, big or small, affordable or expensive, will be deeply appreciated.



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