How Do You Choose Ice Skates For Beginners? Here Is The List

Ice-skating is one of the most exciting winter sports in the world. However, in different countries, you can find ice skating rinks and several people who learn it on an annual basis. 

So, if you are too interested in ice-skating, this can be a vital article for you. Here, you can check out the right way to choose ice skates for beginners.

So, if you are planning to join the sport anytime soon, just give this article a read. Here you can go through all the points to remember while buying a pair of ice skates for a newbie. Also remember, it is quite different from buying a skateboard for kids. So, be extra careful about the process. 

The Right Approach To Choosing Ice Skates For Beginners

Here are the points you need to remember while buying the ice skates for a person who is learning the sport for the first time.  Have a look:

1. Beware Of The Type Of Skates

The primary thing you need to do is choose the right type of skates. Here, you can find the figure skates and ice-hockey skates in the market. 

So, it is vital to know the details regarding it. Have a look below:

Figure Skates

Figure skates are a form of ice skates that are designed for spinning, turning, dancing, and jumping. So, you understand that these skating shoes are specially designed for aestheticians.

If you, as a beginner, look forward to joining an ice-skating ballet, figure skates can be the right product for you. The boots present in the figure skaters are made up of synthetic leather. This product firmly sits in the foot and allows the user to wrap it. As a result, the user is able to move the foot freely.

The other main characteristic of the figure skates is the presence of toe picks. These picks are present at the front blade. Well, these are one of the vital components of figure skating as without the picks, the skater would not be able to jump or dance freely. 

Generally, figure skates have longer blades than the Ice-hockey skates.  You can easily understand it as it goes past the size of the foot. 

Ice-Hockey Skates

The ice hockey skates can be your thing if you have an aim to join the team or be a part of recreational ice skating. 

In this product, the boot type is a stiff shell. In reality, this product is stronger than figure skates as it protects the feet against hits and jolts. You can always find extra padding in the toe, heel, and ankle area when it comes to ice-hockey skates. 

2. Choose The Right Size

Always remember to choose the right size for your ice skates as a beginner. Otherwise, you might get imbalanced and face an injury. In general, the size of the skates remains 1 to m1.5 inches lower than the actual shoe size.

Although, the best you can do is always measure the size according to the size chart and then purchase a boot. 

Apart from the length of the foot, you need to check out the width too. It is vital because the boot needs to fit perfectly on your feet. You can take the help of a measuring tape to determine the width of the foot. 

Once you get the final measures of the length and width of the foot, it’s all a simple question of ratio. You should always stick to the ratio when it comes to buying a skate for the beginner.

How do keep kids busy? This is a question that gets asked a million times by new parents who are experiencing the pandemic. So, here is the article you get all your answers.

Buying Skates For Kids

If you are about to buy skates for the kids, the best product you can take is the adjustable ones. The best part about ice skates for the kids is that the products can elongate up to 4 to 5 sizes. 

Well, you need to keep in mind that the skates are not cheap items. So, you can initially rent the product. The same goes for adult beginners too. 
You might think it to be a weird step but the experts even suggest taking the product on rent initially before buying them.

Well, if you have already taken a skate on rent and are using it continuously, try to purchase the same brand of products. This can help you do all your activities in a balanced way. 

Final Words

Ice-skating might look exciting and aesthetic but it is a real tough job to do. The athletes and dancers need years of practice to reach a condition of perfection. So, you should only buy the product if you are totally serious about it.

Even if you are not using the skates for a long time due to some reason, try to put it on rent. Avoid keeping the skates inert at your place given its price and value as a sports accessory. 


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