How to Set Favorite Channels on Roku TV

Guide to Set Favorite Channels on Roku TV

With the huge variety of live streaming channels in the live Roku TV channel guide, you may want to hide certain channels, create a custom list of your favorites, or filter the guide to show only certain channels. If you have a Roku TV and an HDTV note connected, you can hide and set preferences with “on-air” streaming channels. Roku brings you unlimited entertainment with its various channels. The Roku Channel Store has all the channels you need from entertainment to educational channels. Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, and other channels on Roku, are opening the door to entertainment. Roku has many features in it, which allow you to customize your favorite features. One such feature allows you to set your favorite channels on Roku TV.

How to Set Favorite Channels

To set the channel as your favorite, open the Channel Options menu and select Favorite Channel. You can repeat this on each channel you want to like or use the following steps to favor multiple channels at once. With so many channels on Roku, it may be difficult for you to find your favorite channel. For easy access to Roku channels, we have a feature to set your favorite channels on Roku. You can even arrange them according to your ideal order.

  • Open the Channel Options menu.
  • Select Manage Channels.
  • Select favorite channels.
  • Press the OK button on the Roku remote to select the box next to any channel you wish.

As you lower the list, pause, and your Roku device will switch to the channel for a quick preview.

How to Open the Channel Options Menu

If you want to hide a channel, like a channel, or filter the channel list in the guide, access the channel options menu using the steps below.

  • Open the live TV channel guide.
  • Find the channel you wish to hide.
  • Scroll left until the channel name and logo are highlighted.
  • Press the start button. on your Roku remote control on your Roku remote to open the channel options menu.

Adding Popular Channels During Setup

If you enable your Roku to live streaming device, you will need to associate it with a Roku account. After you create your account and enter the link code, you will have the option to add popular channels directly to the website. If you enter a channel and decide later that you do not want it, it can be easily removed from your Roku device. Few channels provide a free trial (for example, a 7-day free trial). However, when the free trial ends, the channel is converted to regular subscriptions, and you are charged repeatedly. To stay away from this, abandon your contribution before the end of the trial period.

How to Organize Channels on Roku

Follow these steps:

  • Unlock your Roku home screen
  • Click the channel you want to edit and highlight it
  • Press the ‘Options’ button (with a star (*) in it)
  • Click “Submit Channel”
  • Move the channel right or left to a new location
  • Click on ‘OK’ to save the changes.
  • You can list all your channels if you feel that they are easily accessible this way.

How to Add favorite on Roku

Roku has swapped the method you add channels to your favorites list. This is due to the ability Roku now offers its users. Previously, Roku automatically added your most popular channels to your favorites list which was difficult for users who wanted to edit their list. Roku now gives you the ability to turn off automatically adding channels to a favorite list which is why the process of adding channels to a favorite list has changed. Let’s look at the process.


Initiate your Roku device and steer to your best cheapest TV provider to view all the channels existing available to you. Choose the ‘Guide’ valve at the top for a full list. Now steer the list and search the channel you wish to add to your favorites list. Click ‘Ok’ on your Roku remote to get begin. You will now be manifest a right sidebar with details and diversity options for the channel. Spotlight and select ‘Favorite channel ‘. Now press ‘Ok, on your Roku remote. The channel should now get impulsive added to your Favorites list.


Here are the benefits of adding a favorite channel to your Roku:

  • You can find a list of personal channels for this activity.
  • It will be faster and easier for you to navigate to your favorite channels.
  • You can avoid wasting time searching for channels.
  • Allows you to add channels of your choice.

How to Switch on and off Favorites on Roku TV

You can turn and off the Favorites option to your liking. If you authorize this option, you can connect favorites. You can dense it at any time.

  • Go to your Roku home screen by pressing the home button.
  • Navigate to the Settings option from the main menu.
  • Select the TV Inputs option and press the TV button.
  • Select the favorite channels option from the list.
  • Open or disable the Enable Favorite Channels option.

Channels For Mobile Phones

If you wish to move a channel to a new location on your home screen, follow the steps below.

  • On your Roku remote, press the home button.
  • To access your channel list, use the OK button or the right-hand button on the navigation pad. The navigation pad on your Roku remote control is curved differently and centered.
  • Select the channel tile you want to move with the navigation pad.
  • To access the settings menu, press the start button on your Roku remote.
  • Select Move Channel from the menu.
  • Use the navigation pad to move the channel, then press the OK button when you are happy with the new position.

Note that when you move a channel tile, it only affects the Roku device you are currently using. Configuration is not synchronized to all other Roku devices in your Roku account.


It is time-consuming and annoying to find your favorite channel on Roku TV. Having a custom list of channels is advantageous while streaming on Roku. You can find your channels easily and quickly now without wasting much time. This is one of the features of Roku that can help you stream easily.

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