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How to Repaint Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Do you know how to repaint your kitchen cabinets? Well in this content you will find easy ways to repaint your kitchen cabinets. Painting (or repainting) your kitchen furniture is a simple and economical solution for transforming an old-fashioned or slightly shabby kitchen. 

Cómo pintar las puertas de la cocina

Does your old kitchen need a good facelift? If you don’t have the time or the budget to redo everything, a good brushstroke can be the solution to (almost) change everything without breaking anything. Do-it-yourself brands now offer paints adapted to kitchen furniture that are increasingly efficient and easy to use, available in a wide range of colors. Refreshing or modernizing your kitchen at little cost is therefore extremely simple. But for an impeccable and long-lasting result, it is essential to respect the different steps and not to neglect the preparation.

How to properly prepare the support?

Start by cleaning the kitchen cabinets.  Before anything else, it is essential to properly clean the surface to be painted. Between dust and grease, kitchen cabinets can be sticky, so wash them with care. Use a soda-based detergent (St-Marc laundry type) to degrease thoroughly, and then rinse with clear water. Some paints recommend cleaning with acetone. This product is volatile, so be sure to put enough on your cloth.

Kitchen Cabinets
Kitchen Cabinets

Now that your kitchen cabinets are clean, you can sand them.  For the material to grip better, it is recommended to lightly sand the surface. The idea here, however, is not to make room for a return to a raw material, but to keep the existing varnish, or the old paint , which will thus serve as an undercoat and avoid, on wooden furniture ( especially in oak), the possible rise of tannins which could stain the paint. Use fine sandpaper (180 or 240 grit) to sand smoothly.

Repaint Your Kitchen Cabinets

What paint to use to repaint a kitchen cabinet?

Today , special kitchen renovation paints make it easy to repaint any surface, and can be applied just as well to furniture (wood, laminate, lacquer, etc.), as to a worktop , tiling or even a splash back. . Now without underlays, they are also designed to resist stains, heat, friction and detergents.

Which paint to choose for the kitchen?

Kitchen paint is not chosen at random. Like the bathroom, this wet room requires an appropriate paint that will withstand particular conditions and specific risks. Let’s see what these requirements are and how to choose the best type of paint.

How to paint your kitchen furniture?

Apply two coats of paint

This is the golden rule for an optimal result that lasts. Using a small brush, start with hard-to-reach places (corners, grooves, etc.), then use a small roller to apply the paint to flat surfaces. Choose it as smooth as possible (in foam or with short hair) to avoid any risk of marks. Respect the indicated drying time before applying the second coat.

Consult the drying time

While the paint dries quickly to the touch, it takes longer to fully dry. Allow at least 3 weeks for the material to harden thoroughly. During this period, handle your furniture with care to avoid shocks that could mark the surface.

Painting with a roller: mistakes to avoid

As you know, the roller turns out to be much faster and more efficient than a brush or a paintbrush for painting a large area. To master the paint roller technique flawlessly, follow our advice!

What are the steps to follow with a classic paint in the kitchen?

Start by dismantling the cupboard doors, removing knobs and handles, then emptying your cupboards and drawers.

Wash the furniture with a stripper soap or detergent solution to remove residue and create a smooth base.

Rinse the kitchen furniture with clear water and let it dry.

Once the furniture is dry, sand it with sandpaper. Fill in imperfections with filler.

Remember to protect the furniture and the edges of the area to be painted with painter’s tape.  Use sheets to protect other parts of the room if necessary.

repaint kitchen cabinet
repaint kitchen cabinet

Apply an undercoat for wood or melamine depending on the surface.

Then prepare the paint for kitchen furniture. Open the jar and stir the paint with a wide wand.

Apply the first coat of paint with a lacquer roller, from top to bottom, crossing the passes. Paint the edges of the furniture with a roller as well. Once the first coat is completely dry, polish the furniture for a nice finish.

3 hours after the first application, apply the second coat of paint, in crossed passes for impeccable uniformity. Once the second coat is dry, remove the tape, reinstall your furniture and admire the result!


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