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How to Isolate IoT Devices on a Home Network

Internet of Things and IoT Devices

Internet is a worldwide connection between people. Internet is a new global network system that helps in our daily activities. These activities are communications, research, jobs, video games, and much more. The Internet looks for a wide area of our works and assignments. Many help services are available on the internet. Internet is a whole world in itself. Internet covers all of our activities; from our education to entertainment, from news to research. In conclusion, the internet is an established global communication network that provides a huge variety of smart information and facilities.
The Internet has revolutionized the 21 century through its uses and benefits to human life. It helps in working statements of a person. These statements can be help services, smartphone applications, media streaming, and social media.
Internet helps to communicate and serve the purpose of making our life easier. The Internet makes things work fast and effectively. It is cheap and free of mistakes. Many devices can be attached to the internet for our convenience. These devices help us in our daily activities. These devices are known as IoT devices or the Internet of things.


Internet of things makes our life easier and faster. IoT is an advanced system of devices that connects or establishes a connection to the internet. Internet of things can be any computing technology or device that can be mechanical or digital machines.
Internet of things helps us how to make our life smarter and we can work efficiently. Internet of things gives space for ourselves and we can leave the miscellaneous work for the smart devices. Internet of things or IoT is helpful for our houses, but it also helps establish a business. Internet of things has also advanced our agricultural society and organizations. Internet of things or IoT is an advanced system of devices that have a connection to the internet. Internet of things has automated the processes of many businesses’ organizations and companies. They have reached advanced levels with the help of the internet of things. As it improves the quality of work services. These devices are less expensive and cause no malfunction.
Internet of things or IoT helps to transfer data from devices to the internet for storage and record. Internet of things or IoT helps in transferring data that can be without human interaction. Internet of things or IoT is those smart devices that help a person in daily life. These devices help to control data, receive data. Internet of things controls all our small and miscellaneous activities and motions.


  • Smart devices that can be connected or form a connection to the internet and help us in daily activities are called IoT or the internet of things. These devices or smart appliances can be our kitchen accessories such as refrigerators stores and coffee machines.
  • Other than that, our internet of things can be our Smart security systems such as smart locks and smart bell.

To conclude this, we can say that the internet of things or IoT is an ecosystem that consists of those smart devices that help us in our daily activities. Internet of things can include devices and technologies such as sensors or any hardware device which can collect and send data over to the network and we can use it anytime.


Importance IOT Devices- Dream Tech News
Importance IOT Devices

Internet of things has much importance in humans’ life because they have made our lives easier and more comfortable. Internet of things has revolutionized our businesses industries homes organizations and many other areas of human life. These small devices are not just ordinary devices, they have paved the path towards success and advancement in the future.

  • Internet of things or IoT is used to improve our business strategies and processes because it makes things work faster.
  • Internet of things improves customer services and it makes no mistakes.
  • Internet of things saves us time for important work and makes our life easier.
  • It helps to improve the quality of employee productivity through the use of IoT devices.
  • It helps in business decisions.
  • Our agricultural sector and other organizations receive great benefits from the internet of things.
  • Internet of things has read many organizations towards success. These organizations use smart devices for success and features. Internet of things or IoT helps us to save human life from labor and make it easy to work. It is the basic and the most used system of our life. These technologies are everywhere around us all the time.


Internet is one of the largest network systems in the world which is used for the convenience of human life. But the Wi-Fi network can sometimes result in a headache for us. Wi-Fi holds our security and privacy and smart devices are the way to our professional and personal lives. Our smart devices which are connected to the Wi-Fi internet connection hold our information that can be hacked.
Internet may help us in our everyday lives but it can be vulnerable. Therefore, we must establish a separate Wi-Fi network for our IoT devices and smart devices. Internet of things for IoT smart devices hold our private information which has the chance to be cyber-attacked. If we have multiple IoT devices at our house and all of them are connected to one router or one Wi-Fi network then we can say it has the chance to be hacked. The cyber attackers can get to our router from which our personal information or privacy can be invaded.
To be on the safe side we must separate our networks and devices into two parts. One of the networks can be used to form a connection to all of our IoT devices and another network can be used for other devices.


We should have a separate Wi-Fi network for our fridge and our laptop. This will protect us from any vulnerability and cyber-attacks.


Internet of things or IoT devices is increasing day by day because of their usage by popularity. The producers or the manufacturers of IoT devices are under a lot of pressure due to their increased usage. They are in a rush to produce IoT devices with little effort to make them secure from any sort of vulnerabilities. If we use the same find network connection for the IoT devices and other devices we can be open to vulnerability.


If a hacker gets access to our heating or lighting system he can easily find out if we are away from home according to its usage.
If you use Amazon echo with voice commands the hacker can know or have access to our passwords or unexpectedly bank account because we share our information with the Amazon echo with voice commands.



There are many possibilities to save your IoT devices and other devices from hacking. All we need to do is to use both of the things on separate Wi-Fi networks. We can do so by establishing the following steps:


We can set two different internet connections on a single router. This is the most secure option. We can use up to four networks on a single router. The best way is to set up different, multiple LANs to create a subnet and we can say that we can use VLAN on a private network.


Many routers allow us to set up a guest network in one router. All we need to do is to log in to our router and access the settings in which way will find the guest network. When the option of the guest network is selected it opens a new network. therefore, it can be used as a personal network. The name and password should be strong.


We can buy two different routers which can be paired with one internet connection. For this, we have to require proper configuration and connections. This way is complicated and provides less security. This way is better than using only one network for IoT devices and other devices.


We can invest in a Wi-Fi management tool which is a great way to secure our smart devices and regular devices. we can use an internet management tool which is Optima. It will do all the work of security for us. Optim is easy to use. If there is any problem with our Wi-Fi network optima can use machine learning algorithms. ML algorithms will be used to identify any problems and fix them automatically.


IoT devices can be used on a guest network. Many of the IoT devices have to be part of our home network to work properly. Many of them do not work correctly when part of a guest network. When we add our IoT devices to the guest network it makes them invisible for our other devices to be used. Connecting IoT devices to the guest network means that we are disconnecting them from our local network.


If we connect our printer to the guest network it will make it invisible for our other devices. When going for the print option we cannot find the name of our printer that cannot print.
Therefore, it is important that we only connect that internet of things or IoT devices to the other guest network that only needs the internet to work. They will work perfectly when we put them on an isolated guest network.


To the system, we can say that IoT devices help us in our daily activities. They are smart devices that make our life easier and store data. These devices have helped in the development of many organizations, businesses, and agricultural advancements. Nevertheless, IoT devices also come with one disadvantage and that is being hacked. Urdu you can ignore this disadvantage but take measures two separate power IoT devices and other devices. This will save our privacy e and keep us out of any kind of vulnerability.


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