How to Improve Your English for the English Section in the Government Exams?

No doubt, the English section in the government exams is one of the most scoring sections of the government exams. You just need to embrace some important tips to ace this section. Note that performing your best in the English section of the exam will definitely help you meet the expected cut-off score. This article will help you prepare for the English section from the exact perspective of the government exams. Therefore, read this article with a focused mind. Don’t ignore the importance of the English section while paying attention to the quant section of the exam. Give importance to every single section of the exam without any discrimination.  

If you have decided to appear for the bank interview in the English language then you must practice improving your English. Remember that you can write English well but that doesn’t mean that you can speak English well. If you have decided to appear for the  SSC CGL exam then spare some time from your daily schedule to learn English. You can also seek help from the best institutions that provide SSC CGL preparation books to improve your preparations.

Here, in the Following Points, We Have Written Some Important Tips and Activities That Can Help You Prepare for the English Section of the Government Exams:

The Syllabus of  the English Section

The foremost thing that you have to do to prepare from the perspective of the exam is to download the syllabus of the English section of the exam you are preparing for. Let us bring to your attention that the syllabus of English for the SSC and bank exams have some differences. Therefore, check the syllabus of the English section of the exam from the official website. This will help you focus on the concepts that are usually asked in the exam. Also, avoid downloading the syllabus from random websites. 

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Study the Right Books

Following the books that can help you get knowledge of every concept of the syllabus is mandatory. You can’t read random books that come to your hands. Well, we are not refraining you from enhancing your knowledge. But try to read the random material in your free time. If you are preparing for the bank exams then you must learn sentence formation in English for the interview round. But SSC exam has removed the interview round but we still advise you to stay updated with the new changes with the help of recognized websites. 

Improve Your Vocabulary

Examiner will use some technical words during the interview round to know your intelligence. Requesting him to explain the meaning of those terms more than twice can leave a bad impression on him. You must avoid this by improving your vocabulary already during the preparations. You can learn at least 450 words if you start to learn 5 words daily for three months prior to the exams. Moreover, remember that you have to learn the English word from the recognized source such as oxfords dictionary. 

Practice Previous Year’s  Question Papers

The only purpose behind this suggestion is to make you aware of the exact pattern of the exams. In addition to this, you will also realize what kind of questions are asked in the English section of the exam.  Moreover, this will guide you in collecting the right study material to improve your performance. Besides this, you have to solve the mock tests to train your mind to perform your best under the pressure of time. Also, use mock tests and previous year’s question papers as a perfect source of your revisions. This will help you improve your revision and time management.  

If you are planning to appear for a bank exam to get a prestigious job then you must prepare for the interview round of the exam. For perfect guidance, you can reach the finest institutions that can provide you best book for banking exam preparation.


Please don’t estimate your performance in the English section of the exam on the basis of your performance in academic English. The most important attribute of an effective strategy is it gives importance to every section equally and wisely. In fact, doing your best in the English and general awareness section of the exam can improve your score to reach the expected cut-off score. 

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