How To Find The Best balck top Asphalt companies in tucson

Best balck top Asphalt companies in tucson

An attractive black top asphalt company will increase your house’s curb appeal and be easy on your car’s tire scrubcurb appeal of your house and be easy on tires of your car. Because it is less expensive than cement and, in contrast to gravel, performs well together with sloping driveways, asphalt is a common paving material for homes.

Driveways made of black top asphalt may endure a period of 30 years if they are installed, leveled, and compacted properly. Nonetheless, if the paver lacks the necessary tools and expertise, the driveway might begin to deteriorate in as soon as 24 months.

You should work with a certified asphalt pavement contractor who has the necessary equipment and abilities if you want your driveway to last for many years. You can identify the top driveway paving companies in your area by using the suggestions and guidance in this article.

How To Find The Best balck top Asphalt companies in tucson


Asking around and conducting an internet search will help you identify nearby black top asphalt companies . For references and recommendations, take into account the following individuals and locations.

Reach Out to Family, Friends and Neighbors


Have any of your friends, relatives, or neighbours have a lovely asphalt driveway? After finding out who they used, get a quote from the expert.

Check Online Reviews


You may use Google and other search engines to discover black top asphalt company. Just type ” balck top Asphalt companies in tucson” into the search bar, and the search engines will provide user evaluations from sites like Google Reviews, Yelp, and A decent rule of thumb is to search businesses on many review websites to check consistency and identify bias.

DIY vs. Hiring an  Black top Asphalt Company


Although many household tasks are suitable for do-it-yourselfers, it’s recommended to leave the paving of an black top asphalt to a qualified company. Most states call for a zoning clearance and a professional firm, and the job necessitates familiarity with zoning laws and building requirements.

5 Questions to Ask an balck top Asphalt  Company


After speaking over the phone with numerous black top asphalt contractors, you are now prepared to book a few in-home inspections. You may evaluate and select the best asphalt paving contractor for your job by asking the following questions.

1. Can you provide proof of licensure?


An asphalt company licence is normally held by a contractor with the necessary qualifications and abilities. To check if the professional’s licence is up to date, ask them for their licence number and use it to search the state website.

2. Do you have insurance?


In the event of an accident, personal injury and property destruction are covered by general liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. Make sure you have a copy of the insurance certificate for both policies straight from the contractor’s insurance agent.

3. Where can I view examples of other asphalt paving projects?


You may have already looked at the websites of nearby asphalt paving companies to view their work. Ask the contractor during the estimate where you may see previous projects if you haven’t already done so. They’ll probably point you toward the gallery part of their website.

4. Can you provide references?


Professional contractors should be delighted to share contact information from happy customers because they are accustomed to consumers asking for recommendations. A major warning sign is if a company is reluctant to provide you this information.

Consider contacting references with the following inquiries:

  • When did your project get finished?
  • Were you happy with it?
  • Was the project’s budget kept in check?
  • Would you employ the contractor once more?

5. How do you ensure proper drainage?


For your driveway to last a long time and be durable, proper drainage is essential. The roadway surface should be equal with the ground, have a minimum slope of 2%, and in flat locations, have a crown of at least 1/4″ every foot. Make sure the driveway is kept away from the water that is dripping from the roof.

Tips for Hiring the Best  black top Asphalt  Companies in tucson


  • Beware of low bids: Never choose an estimate that is much less than the others. It may frequently be a sign of poor quality work.
  • Compare warranties: The length of an asphalt paving warranty might be between one and ten years. When contrasting asphalt companies, be sure to read the small print.
  • Get everything in writing: The deposit (never pay more than 50% up front), payment plan, labour, materials, project phases, final project cost, and warranty should all be documented in writing.



  • How much does an black top asphalt company’s cost?

An asphalt roadway may be paved for $7 to $13 per sq foot. The cost is influenced by the driveway’s size, personalization, and materials. To rebuild an asphalt driveway, budget between $8 and $15 per square foot.

  • How thick should an asphalt driveway be?

Asphalt with a two to three inch thickness is typically used in residential driveways for regular cars. If you intend to park large vehicles or an RV, you should take into account a thickness of 5 to 6 inches since the weight might damage a driveway. There ought to be between 6 and 8 feet of gravel beneath the asphalt.

  • Is asphalt a mixture?

Yes, the components of asphalt are aggregates, a binder, and a filler. Asphalt driveway aggregates can be constructed of crushed rock, gravel, or steel slag.



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