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How to Build Result-oriented Links For Your Website?

Result-oriented Links

We’ll tell you several tactics How to Build Result-oriented Links For Your Website?

When you hear the words “Link Building” what comes to your mind? Probably, “It’s easy, you just have to link your website by copying and pasting!”. However, it’s harder than you expect. People expect results too fast but need to realize that off-page SEO and link building takes time. This is why most people struggle to build links to their site, no matter what tactic they use.

In this blog, we’ll tell you several tactics that are great for the link-building process. We aim to share ways of link-building that are easy to follow, and that bring links, which, as a result, increase traffic to your website.

The Importance Of Link Building 

Link building is crucial for the optimization of your website. It’s one of the factors the search engine uses for ranking websites. Google, Bing, and other search engines look at the number of links leading to your website, before deciding on ranking your website. 

The quality of the link also matters not just the quantity, The more you focus on quality sites linking to you, the higher the chances of your blog posts and sales pages appearing on result pages.

Strategies For Link-Building

Here are some techniques to use to build up your website and have authority in the digital marketing world.

Analyze each technique below and choose the best techniques you can use for the benefit of your business.

Guest Blogs

For guest posts, it is important that you use a certain plan and strategy. Old guest blogging tactics are of no use as no one wants to see an article that’s not relevant to your niche on your site. This leads to your website has a very low authority of getting backlinks.

Search engines have become smarter and can see you’re not guest blogs are not adding value.

To reap the rewards of guest blogging, it’s important to be strategic and original. Make sure you’re creating unique blogs and that the site you post on is relevant to your niche. When you guest blog according to your niche, you’ll be rewarded with increased traffic and a higher ranking.

Social Media

It’s not a secret anymore that social media is a daily part of our lives now and has changed the whole marketing game. The right use of social media can be a huge boost for your link-building and guest blogging. 

Start being active by posting new images, updates, and blogs. Getting active on social media can easily boost the engagement of your website. Through this, the exposure to your brand will increase. Improving your link profile and bolstering your visibility.

Be Original

Always remember the best blogs you can publish on websites to increase the success of your link-building is originality. Conducting surveys by using your business data, and creating content that is based on your original research that can’t be found on other sites can help out massively. Publishing original data, other sites will link back to your new and latest information.

Reader-Friendly Content

People prefer posts that are published as lists rather than huge chunks of paragraphs. The readability of points is easier as the information is short and precise, making it easier to read on hand-held devices as well. 

Focus On Visuals

Creating content for backlinks is better executed if one doesn’t focus on copy and text. Visually attractive also attracts links. Information like charts, images, and videos are more effective and authority link from different sites. Adding informative graphics to your posts can take you a long way.

Involve Trending Topics

It is a great tactic to create blogs that are time-sensitive on your website site. This increases the quality of your link-building process. Blogs and content on trending topics lead to links from news sites and other outlets. This might not be beneficial for the long-term but is a great tool for quick results.

Competitive Analysis

Competitors ranked higher than you? This means they are doing something that you are not. This is not a reason to worry, you can make it too.

Spying on your competitors is a very powerful tool if used correctly.  Spying on your competitors can help you find out important info like the keywords they’re ranking for, and where their links are coming from. This is called Competitive Analysis.

Keep Track Of Your Links

People tend to spend more time on getting new links, but they miss tracking their previous work. By tracking your previous links you’ll get to know whether to build more links or stop.

You may have thousands of links leading to your websites, but when you return to check it after a month or two, some of those links might be gone. 

This is because you don’t have the right to control blogs and sites that link you. The site has the right to easily remove your link without notifying you. This is why it’s important to keep track. 

Need Help, Get In Touch Now!

Finding high-quality backlinks is important if you want your website to rank competitively.  Another important thing to remember is it is better to use organic and clean strategies, like a few mentioned above. There is an option to buy quality backlinks as well or use spammy and black methods to speed up the link-building process but it won’t give the same rewards. Organic link-building creates an original profile that won’t lead to penalties and will reward you with long-term SEO benefits.

Experts at AxeTech Solutions are here to help your digital marketing experience to grow to new levels. We offer all the expertise needed to create and implement effective link-building campaigns for your website using the latest SEO techniques. Feel free to drop us a mail at

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