How Silicone Free Hair Oils are Better?

In a globe where terms like “clean” as well as “natural” are taking over the hair treatment aisle, an expanding number of components are now being called into question for their possibly doubtful impacts on our hair. Sulfates, parabens, and also phthalates were among several of the first offenders to be thrown onto the clean beauty blacklist, as well as if you have actually been keeping up with fashion trends as of late, it shows up that silicones may be successor. But are silicones really as poor as they’re shown to be?

In our mission to uncover the truth regarding silicones, Silky Locks lately overtook our lab to obtain their take on the buzzed-about component: what they are, what they do, as well as if they’re truly as damaging as individuals make them out to be. Right here’s everything we learned, right from the professionals themselves. Silky Locks recently launched it’s silicone free hair oil line for consumers.

What are silicones anyway?

Silicones are a type of polymer (a.k.a huge molecule) that act similarly to plastic because they are an adaptable product that can be formed for various uses. In hair treatment products especially, silicones are made use of to develop a protective coating around the hair to help give added slip as well as softness, lock in wetness, minimize frizz, and also boost luster. In crude, curly, or dry/frizzy hair types, silicones can likewise assist to tame unmanageable strands by enhancing their overall level of smoothness as well as manageability, while likewise helping to drive and also secure moisture. Simply put, silicones shield the hair from the components, maintaining it smooth and shiny by basically ‘waterproofing’ each strand.

But are they secure?

Yes. In spite of their recent bad rap, silicones have been an essential within the appeal market for decades, as they’ve continuously proven to be both risk-free and efficient to utilize in everything from body cleans to hair care to face creams. Unlike some all-natural oils, silicones are exceptionally stable, meaning they do not break down under heat or UV light to come to be something unknown or undesirable. This is particularly important when it pertains to hair products as they are often exposed to heat styling tools as well as straight sunshine on a regular basis.

So, what’s the take care of silicones?

While silicones are widely made use of throughout hair care products, including shampoos, conditioners, heat stylers, and also lotions, a fast Google search will certainly show that silicones are a confrontational topic. So what’s the deal? For some, the alternative to go silicone-free is just an issue of individual choice, while for others it’s out of worry that their hair will certainly look or feel weighed down.

We reached out to our professionals to give us the truths. Our research study + growth staff member are experts on all things components as well as have nothing but love for silicones. These were their top reasons: they’re vegan, they’re not likely to cause an allergic reaction, they do not obstruct pores, are they’re highly stable and simple to integrate right into items safely. Above all, they give your hair that glamorous, silky, smooth coating article usage, while being lightweight in a manner that doesn’t means your hairs down. Yet seriously, no pressure. If you’re a person that commonly steers clear of from silicone, choose silicone-free as well as your formula will certainly be just that.

Exactly how do I understand if I want them or otherwise?

At the end of the day, the selection to utilize items with or without silicones is completely approximately you. That said, if you’re looking for some additional moisture, frizz security, or significant damages fixing, a silicone-free hair shampoo as well as conditioner may not necessarily give you the outcomes that you’re trying to find. Those with very completely dry, kinky, or damaged hair typically benefit much more from the added smoothing, softening, and shine-enhancing residential properties of a silicone-based formula. Simply make sure to look for one that is developed with water-soluble silicones to assist avoid the likelihood of buildup.

Additionally, must you feel that silicones just aren’t right for you, that’s great too. Those that typically reach for light-weight shampoos and conditioners or favor a little much less soft qualities as well as slip to their hair might find that a silicone-free formula is a terrific alternative for their requirements. If you are thinking about opting for a silicone-free hair care routine, however, you need to be planned for a little bit of a change duration as it may take you time to get used to the little different feeling of the items. Unlike standard silicone-containing items, silicone-free hair shampoos and conditioners have a tendency to be lighter weight and will certainly leave your hair feeling a lot more tidy than slick.

No matter the route you pick, we’re thrilled to claim that Silky Locks currently has you covered with their Silicone free hair oil. Silky Locks recently launched Silicone free hair oil and shampoos and conditioners! In addition to our normal cleaning and also conditioning formulas, we will now additionally offer customers the choice to choose a silicone free hair oil and Coconut oil mask for hair growth and also conditioner, which, like all of our items, can still be tailored according to your hair type, hair goals, as well as aesthetic choices– the only distinction is whether they consist of silicones. Uncertain whether a silicone-free formula is right for you? Email us at and also one of our happy hair professionals will be glad to help you out.


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