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How Publishers Are Using Tiktok, the Latest Hot App?

For TikTok, NBC News repurposed their daily news show, “Stay Tuned.” The show, which was originally streamed on Snapchat, now has a 25 to 35 million mobile-first audience, which is a lot of people. 

The three hosts of the channel show Videos that include daily news updates, challenges, and facts that the audience can talk about and share. 

Stay Tuned has shared 38 videos so far, with over 64,000 followers. People who make videos on new tiktok likes, like Snapchat did in its early days, can use it to reach young people. Also, like Snapchat, TikTok users spend a lot of time on the app.

 On average, they spend 46 minutes a day on the app. As of February, NBC News’ “Stay Tuned” had 26 videos on the site that people could watch. They say things like “what happened with “Game of Thrones” or how to do things like pull a pineapple.

“Old Town Road” is a song that became a big hit on the charts thanks to a TikTok video that featured ESPN sports analyst Stephen A. Smith in a suit and a cowboy hat. ESPN joined the TikTok party last month and made a video set to the song. In ESPN’s next video, they show a bunch of basketball players getting hit by fake pokeballs. 

NBC News refused to comment on its strategy, citing the early days of TikTok as a reason not to say anything about its plans. The first thing to do is to share content that will be useful for many years.

For Example:

 Kolars and Mr. nycsubway are both great examples of people who make interesting, funny, or dramatic videos and photos behind the scenes. You can either do it directly through the app or through your non-linear editing software, and it should be a vertical video.

 Many people will like Cebby Johnson’s special moment with his favourite football team, even though it’s a little short-term.

Use the app to create your own videos.

TikTok users admire people who make videos using only the smartphone app to film and edit their videos. 

It’s funny, clear, and made with TikTok’s own video editing tools. Now This Politics has a guide to impeachment that you can read.

Videos don’t need to look too perfect, and they don’t need to be very long. Unlike Instagram, TikTok lets you tell real stories that aren’t made to look perfect. 

Tell your stories in the first person.

There is a lot of change going on at TikTok right now. A lot of organization accounts are being set up as more brands and media outlets sign up. The best content right now tends to be first-person stories.

If you can find a good brand ambassador who can take good selfies, that’s a great combination. 

Share a skill you know.

The platform is full of tutorials, from how to style your hair to how to take a good picture to how to work your abs.

 People who use TikTok have also made a lot of tutorials about how to use the platform and even what to buy. If you or someone on your team has a skill that you want to teach, think about making short TikTok classes.

Look for new people with skills.

That makes TikTok a great place to find and connect with people who are talented and creative, and you can use hashtags to find people who are interested in certain things. 

I found this beautiful ballet by a dancer named Jonathan Silva through a hashtag called “# Manchester,” which is where I found the video. 

Share your TikToks on other platforms.

To download a video, you’ll have to add a TikTok watermark to it.  This great video from the Netherlands’ Red Cross got half a million views on TikTok, but when it was cross-posted to Twitter, it got 1,000 more views.

It doesn’t matter who made the video on the platform.  Check to make sure the person who made the video and the watermark are the same before citing it as an example. 

People are quick to point out content that has been re-posted without credit.

Bring in the cash.

TikTok already has a lot of ads, and the platform made it easier to advertise and link to other content last year. This could be good news for publishers who already have, or are planning to start, brand content. 

There is no rule that says you can’t put a link in your bio to places that make money, like a website, Instagram, or YouTube.

For media outlets, paying customers aren’t likely to be on TikTok. TikTok is a great way for publishers to build a relationship with a new group of digital citizens who are in their teens and early 20s and are interested in their brands. 

According to Abhik Choudhary, the editor of Quartz India, every big brand will have a TikTok voice in two years, so it’s now or never to find your voice and see if it’s a good fit for you and your business on TikTok.


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