How Long Does It Take To Build An App? 

Build An App

Whenever you start to build an app or web application development, the first question that comes to your mind is how much time it took to be fully functional. Building an app is not child’s play, depending upon the complexity and features, it is estimated that it took from 3 to 9 months. 

While there are various strategic and testing phases, each phase of app development took a distinct amount of time.

In this article we will figure out some of the steps which can help you to build an custom mobile app development, fulfilling all your requirements in a limited amount of time. 

1. Write the Requirements of your project: Build An App

The first step to building an app is to write the requirements and features you need in your app. It usually took 2-3 weeks or 3-4 weeks if done with dedication.

 Usually, most people neglect this aspect of app development, in fact, the more you focus on outlining your project requirements the less time you take to finish it. 

There are various aspects you need to consider before designing the app: 

The success ratio of your project:

 This is the first step of outlining your requirement. The estimation of the success ratio gives you an idea of how you can fully utilize it with fewer changes in a shorter period.

Request for proposal:

 If you are planning to outsource your project then you give the request to a proposal to the developers, in this stage, you have to be very careful and not be very specific about your project. Sometimes more specifications give little room for developers to perform.


It’s very important to manage your budget before starting the development process. Your budget should be according to the complexity of your project. You may face difficulty if additional costs occur or you run out of your budget which will eventually consume lots of your time. 

Delivery Date: 

Last but not the least, you have to agree with the developing companies to timely deliver your app. Setting up a deadline will assure you that you have your app in that time so there would be no uncertainty left for you.

These were some of the requirements which you should write before starting the app development process. It will not only help you to complete the project on time but also enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of your app. 

2. Research about your desired app: 

The second step revolves around the market analysis and requirements. This is a very essential stage and it usually takes 3-5 weeks. You aim to develop an app that is useful for the general public or your target audience, so you need to do deep research that discloses all the requirements and desires of your target audience. This is the first question that a software development company also asks its clients.

The core purpose of the research stage is to analyze the marketing trends which are usually not constant every time, so you have to forecast things. Moreover, keep in mind your target audience. It is also expected that you may face competition after launching your app so you must plan by keeping in mind all these aspects. Which will later save your time and energy for more amendments. 

It looks like it is a very time-consuming activity but you can launch your app with specific features for your users rather than launching a full-fledged app. It will give you an insight into your user’s requirements like what are the most favorite user-friendly features and what are the features they dislike and where are room for change so you can design your app accordingly later. It is considered a testing stage that will help you to monitor the marketing trends and user choices at the same time.

3. Validate your app design sprints: 

Design sprints are a very essential stage in developing your app, it gives you clear insights about your app with real-time users. By design sprinting you can easily figure out what features are essential for your apps and what features are not required. This process saves development time and money. It usually took 5 days to a week to complete. If you are neglecting this stage then problems can arise later.

4. Rapid Prototyping: 

This stage is an interactive approach that took 6-12 weeks, it helps to make rapid changes using updated prototypes. The development team will create more prototypes that are considered as the expected designed specification of the desired app.

 These prototypes will be shared with the other team members, users, and focused groups which will evaluate the features of the app. All these observers will give their feedback which will be used to make more improvements to the app. 

Rapid prototyping can save your time as the changes can be made in real-time before launching the app. It not only saves your time but also makes your app more user-friendly. 

5. Launching the App: 

After the successful development of your app, it’s time to launch it for the users. There are various platforms where you can launch your app. While the developing and planning stage took time for app development, the launching stage also consumes time. It is broken down into two sub-stages:

Submission stage: 

It is a stage in which you submit the information about your app in any app store. For this purpose, you have to submit the contact information of your company, and some screenshots which depict the insights of your app. 

A brief description that describes the features and problem-solving approach of your app. choose the right category and place Icons. All these areas are covered in the submission stage.

Reviewing stage: 

The time of reviewing your app solely depends upon which platform you choose. Usually, the Google Play store took an average of two hours to review an app. While the Apple app store took longer.

6. Post-Launch Strategies:

After successfully launching your app, you still need to look to create your own app, maintenance and timely updates of your app. There is no such prediction that can tell you how much time you are required to fully update your app. Sometimes it took more than the estimated time, which can cost you more.

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