How can I choose a gimbal?

If you get your Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Cameras, the next thing you need to do is choose the right curtain. Whatever type of film you shoot, you need to have the best equipment possible to get the best results. If you don’t want to make classic movies.

A prank aside, an elephant in the room, because not all gimbals fit this camera. There are only a few devices that can be considered the best gimbal for the bmpcc 6k. But don’t worry! You don’t have to look it up in internet threads.

Why are Blackmagic Pocket Cinema cameras only suitable for every Gimbal?

When you look at the Blackmagic 6K pocket cinema camera, you notice that it has an unusual shape. To quote “It’s thicker and wider than your modern DSLR and full-frame SLRs from Sony, Nikon or Canon.” And that’s where the problem arose. Thanks to its wide shape and good saddles on every gimbal.

In addition, if equipped, it increases not only the weight but also the shape and size. At one point, it became a challenge for the gimbals to perform at their best. This means that this camera needs special curtains that can meet its needs.

How to Choose a Best Gimbal for Bmpcc 6k (Buying Guide)

Here are the key features you should look for when purchasing a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Cameras. The secret is that the foundations are right.


With a carbon fiber structure, the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera weighs less than 2 lb. You may be wondering why you should take care of the cardan carriage, right? Wait, pack accessories such as lens, microphone, etc. The total weight can easily exceed 4 pounds. So you need to think carefully about what accessories you will use in the future and choose what they will look like. If you are unsure, I recommend choosing the highest possible payment. It is always better to have something and not need it than to have something without it.

Battery life

Gimbal battery life determines how long the camera will be used. If you shoot for long hours continuously, it is better to have a long battery life. Most gimbales can run for 7 to 12 hours after filling. There are several that even have a brand of built-in 14-hour battery. For example, MOZA Air 2 has a battery life of 16 hours.

This will hinder productivity if you have to charge the gimbal at any time. You have to choose depending on the shooting style. Also keep in mind that as with all batteries, the capacity will gradually decrease. So I would suggest choosing one that has a longer battery life than you need.

Weight and design

The weight of the device plays an important role in comfort. When weighing equipment, camera and accessories, the weight may exceed your comfort limit. Not only can this be tedious, but it can also be difficult to shoot comfortably. Sometimes, even if the weight is higher than the limit, the effect can be minimized by complementary design. One such example is Zhiyun Crane 3 LAB. Although it weighs more than 7 pounds. it is only designed to make shooting easier.

So when choosing something heavy, don’t forget to balance weight and design. The design should also have room for zoom lenses or video lenses that you want to use later.


This is one of the most forgotten aspects when people buy gimbal. If you’re shooting in a studio, size doesn’t matter much. However, if you are traveling to shoot a movie, choosing the right size can save you a lot of trouble.

In my opinion, it is better to choose a small size for those who travel a lot. It doesn’t matter for studio photography.

Application support

Higher price gimbals have application support that gives you more control over the camera, but don’t expect them to come with cheaper gimbals. You can control the camera and gimbal remotely. Others allow video transmission over wireless media. As with the DJI Ronin app, you can easily tune engines, control adaptive Smooth Track, record live gimbal data for power, and more. Different applications have different features, such as those that make your job easier.


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