How Can a CPAP Machine Cause Cancer?

When someone purchases a medical product, they expect it to work well. Therefore, it can be very frustrating if medical equipment does not work as expected. One example of a medical device that may not be working as expected is a CPAP machine. Even though the vast majority of CPAP machines work just fine, there are some that can lead to significant issues. One example is the Philips CPAP machine, which has resulted in a CPAP cancer lawsuit. How does a CPAP machine cause cancer, and what should you do next? There are several important points that you should keep in mind.

The CPAP Machine Was Not Made Properly

The biggest reason why a CPAP machine causes cancer is that it was not made properly. CPAP in and of itself is not going to cause you to develop cancer. It is an effective treatment option for people who have been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea. Cancer only develops when the machine is not developed or tested properly. In the case of Phillips, this is a company that knew that some of the products that they use could be problematic. In addition, they knew that there were toxins that could eventually cause cancer. Unfortunately, they decided not to change the product, and they did not let people know that this was a risk. As a result, some people who have used the Philips CPAP machine have been diagnosed with cancer.

Particles and Gases Are Inhaled

The biggest issue with the machine is related to a specific type of foam called PE-PUR foam. This foam can break down over time. When it breaks down, it releases a variety of particles and gases. Then, when you use the machine at night, it forces these particles and gases into your lungs. As a result, you could develop serious medical complications. Examples include infections and cancer. If you are having issues with your CPAP machine, you should see your doctor as quickly as possible. You need to figure out if you are developing chronic medical conditions as a result of toxic particle inhalation.

They Can Lead To Different Types of Cancer

It is true that ingesting these particles and gases could lead to lung cancer; however, there are different types of cancer that could develop as well. For example, you might be diagnosed with liver cancer. Or, you might have been told that you are developing kidney cancer. There are even some people who have developed stomach cancer as a result of these toxins. An investigation conducted by the FDA showed that there are different types of cancer that could be caused by the toxins related to this CPAP mask. Some of these cancers can be deadly, which is why you need to work with a medical professional who can make sure all potential treatment options are considered. Then, you need to reach out to a lawyer who can take a look at your case on your behalf.

Work With a Professional Who Can Help You

Ultimately, it can be very frustrating if your CPAP machine leads to medical complications. Fortunately, this is not necessarily something that you need to deal with on your own. The first thing you should do is reach out to your doctor to talk about the options you have available. Then, you need to reach out to a lawyer who can take a look at your case and see if you are entitled to compensation. Do not forget to ask for a copy of your medical records, as you might need them to support any injury claim that you would like to make.

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