Healthy Body with Healthy Mind Can do Wonders

Health is Wealth- Guide mental and physical satisfaction

Health is Wealth”, this proverb is 110% true to believe because without health one can’t enjoy the
pleasures of life. No matter how much wealthy is he, can’t be able to relish being wealthy until and
unless he is physically or mentally healthy. Both mental and physical satisfaction matter more in a
person’s successful life.

“Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence”

In this writing there would be some very important instructions in order to maintain a good health, to
maintain a good health and to be fit always. Firstly if someone wants to be active, she should have habit
to do exercise on its regular basis, as physical activity keeps body fit and energetic all the time.
Nowadays, everyone is the puppet in the hands of mobile phones though it’s actually damaging our
eyesight and harming us in so many ways. It has filthy effects for all of our body. Thus, leaving cell phone
2 hours before going to bed will give positive vibes.

Secondly, most of the people are missing their meals due to the busy schedule or not having the food on
the appropriate timings. Younger generation is specially not serious about healthy snacks. They are
rushing towards junk food and frizzy drinks that is really injurious to healthy causing fatal diseases such
as diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol and heart attacks. Most importantly, breakfast is the
integral for the healthy start of the day. The importance of fruits and vegetables can never be denied.
These are for sure full of nutrients. They must be used inevitably. Precisely, 3 meals per day and healthy
snacks are crucial for being healthy and to avoid the dangerous disorders. Health is no doubt great

Some one rightly Health is Wealth said in this regard:

Health-is-wealth-Dream Tech News

“self-care is non-negotiable, show up for yourself everyday!”

Moreover, another activity that is need of the hour that one should take some time for meditation in
order to stay relax and telling yourself, nothing is more important as your own mental and physical
relaxation. In addition to this ongoing discussion, about 90% of our body consists of water. If you want to
your skin healthy, refreshing and flawless, you should drink 8 glasses of water in a day. This will also help
boosting energy and strength “Health is Wealth with Dream Tech News“.

Additionally, sleeping 8 hours is actually required in order to begin a productive day. Sleeping less than
this time, will make your life dull, boring and lazy. Last but not least, walking and jogging 9 thousands
steps per 24 hours is the key to be blooming and enjoying the life at its 360 degrees. As:
“Meditation, read, eat healthy food, drink water move your body, spend time in nature, rest up your are
If someone is healthy he has some hope to live more, he’ll have some significant benefits to be well of
and hope to get success in every field of life, hope is actually everything which provides more energy and
positivity to live more and get more ,as it is well narrated that:
He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everything.

Further, some people neglect their food and focused more on having medicines, medicine alone can’t do
magic, until and unless there would be some attention on food too, because:

“Food is in fact health care, and pills are made for sick, that is really sick care”

So we should divert our thinking’s and actions towards diet rather than on medicine. Those who believe
that food will turn them into bulky bodies theory are not only wrong ,they in fact misunderstood the use
and importance of food. There’s a hell difference between healthy and unhealthy food. Actually there’s
a big barrier between, food is obviously healthy when one takes it as it grows ,means less processed
food is healthier one than processed. The packaging process includes a lot of chemicals and take off
some healthy ingredients from the fresh food.

Tips for Daily Healthy Body

Moreover we might say that well proportioned meal is everything for beings as there should be adequate quantity of minerals ,vitamins fiber, nutrients and soon. There would no need of sick care then. If the above written instructions would be followed religiously. The other significant thing that can make one happy that is attitude and perspective towards life, how he
sees its’s: A healthy mind has a healthy body so easy to say Health is Wealth.


If one wants to stay happy and healthy he must have to think, behave positive because positivity leads to positive body and so the vice versa. We should focus more on optimistic view of life rather in pessimistic views. In this was, we’ll think and react more reasonably than ever.

Thus, It’s been proven that being healthy is our choice, it entirely depends on us to take care of our
health or neglect it, to take mediocre good food, to think positive or negative and last but jot least we
should follow the above mentioned instructions or to be sick. Without health we can’t really get
pleasure in our worldly matters and success we deserve “Health is Wealth“.

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