Green Remodeling Tips for an Eco-Friendly Home

Eco-Friendly House Design

There is a shift happening in the home building and remodeling industry. Green home renovations, which used to be expensive and complex, are now more affordable and achievable than ever. Homeowners are increasingly concerned about their effect on the environment, so words like energy-efficient, sustainable, and recyclable are central to the homebuilding process. Additionally, increasing labor and material costs have a new generation of homebuyers rethinking the entire building and renovation process.

Complete an Energy Audit

Before starting any extensive green home renovations, knowing how your home is currently performing is important. Leaks from windows and doors, outdated appliances, and inefficient HVAC systems are not suitable for the environment. Knowing the situation root is the first step in completing a green remodel.

DIY Home Energy Audit Checklist:

To save on your energy bills, you can check for drafts by looking at your doors and windows. You can also inspect the HVAC and ventilation systems in your home. Another way to save energy is by using an electricity monitor to see how much different energy appliances are using. You can also replace older light bulbs with CFLs, LEDs, or eco-incandescent bulbs. Finally, you should examine your home’s insulation in the attic and walls.

Upgrade to Eco-Friendly Windows

Drafty windows can be a big problem for eco-friendly homes. If your windows are causing you to use more heating and air, it may be time to upgrade to newer, more energy-efficient windows. Ensure that the materials you use for your window remodel are also environmentally friendly. One example is cellular PVC, a popular, energy-efficient window material. However, this material is produced using a process that releases toxins into the earth’s atmosphere. Here are a few tips for choosing responsibly produced windows when remodeling your home.

Tips for Buying Eco-Friendly Windows:

There are numerous window frames to choose from, but some are more environmentally friendly than others. Aluminum and steel frames are recyclable, but they don’t insulate very well, which is inefficient—vinyl frames made with a toxic process that is highly inefficient. Double and triple-pane glass costs more, but it will insulate your home better. Wooden frames that are sustainably harvested are an excellent option for eco-friendly windows. Fiberglass window frames are made up of sand, a virtually unlimited resource.

Go for a Passive Solar Home Design

Renovating your home to use solar energy is a great way to be more environmentally friendly. You can do this without spending a lot of money using passive solar design. This means taking advantage of the sun’s natural warmth in the winter and keeping it out in the summer. Making some simple changes can make a big difference.

Green Home Renovations for Passive Solar House Design:

You can do many items to your home to make it more energy-efficient. Like renovating the sides of your home that get the most sun, some things are cheap and plain. Like installing a solar chimney, other things are a bit more expensive but can be worth it in the long run. And finally, there are some measures you can take that won’t cost anything at all, like adding eave overhangs or awnings to block direct sunlight from hitting your windows.

Install a Smart Home Thermostat

One of the best green remodeling tips is to install a smart home thermostat. Smart home thermostats can be connected to many devices and controlled from far away. This means you can control the heating and cooling in your home even when you’re not there. Some thermostats can even see when you’ve left the house and adjust the temperature independently. Establishing a smart home thermostat is a great way to save energy and make your home more efficient.

Add Skylights to Increase Natural Light

If you don’t like using lamps during the day, try adding skylights to your home. You can put them in areas that people use a lot, like the kitchen, living room, or guest bathroom. Skylights are good for the environment because they let in natural light. You can also get automated blinds to control how much light comes in.

Hire A Dumpster

If you have things you don’t want anymore, a dumpster rental service in Plymouth MA is the perfect solution. You can put anything in the bin, from small things (like old cookbooks) to bigger things (like king-sized mattresses). The dumpster rental company will do all the work of sorting through everything and finding new homes for your items. Plus, you usually won’t have to pay much more for this extra service. The dumpster rental companies that offer sustainable services do so because it’s the right thing to do.

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