Fourth Stimulus Check Update: Petitions for Monthly $2K Payments Nears 4 Million Signatures

4th stimulus check

Nearly four million Americans have signed petitions demanding that the federal government provide them with monthly $2,000 payments, according to a new report. The online petitions, which were started in early 2013, have accumulated more than 4.8 million signatures. The largest petition, created by SumOfUs, a global advocacy group, calls for the government to provide the payments to all citizens who are out of work or underemployed.

Four Million Americans Demand Monthly $2,000 Payments From The Government

According to a new Rasmussen poll, nearly four million American adults say they want the government to send them a monthly $2,000 payment. This would be in addition to their current income and social security payments. The idea is being called a “4th stimulus check” and would be a direct response to the coronavirus pandemic.
Those who support the idea say that it would help keep millions of Americans afloat during these difficult times. They also argue that it would help stimulate the economy by putting more money into the hands of consumers. Critics, however, argue that it would be too costly and could create more problems than it solves.

So far, there has been no indication that the government is considering this proposal.

More Than 4 Million Americans Demand Monthly $2,000 Payments

In an effort to stimulate the economy, 4.4 million Americans have signed a petition demanding monthly $2,000 payments.

The campaign, called “4th stimulus check,” is being led by the progressive activist group MoveOn. The idea is that the payments would help struggling Americans and also pump more money into the economy.

“There’s no question that we need bigger economic stimulus now,” said Ben Wikler, Washington director of MoveOn. “This would put cash directly into people’s pockets and help jump-start our economy at the same time.”

Critics argue that such a plan would be too costly and would only benefit wealthier Americans. But supporters say that the payments would help stimulate spending and create jobs.

Seven ongoing petitions calling for President Joe Biden and Congress to deliver monthly stimulus checks of $2,000 for the duration of the pandemic are now nearing 4 million signatures collectively—as COVID-19 cases and deaths continue to slowly decline across the U.S. following a summer surge of the highly contagious Delta variant.

But while these movements for cash payments continue to gain traction online, that support isn’t translating to pressure on members of Congress.

The largest petition for recurring cash payments until the pandemic ends—launched by Stephanie Bonin, a Denver restaurant owner—asks the House and Senate for legislation that would provide monthly “$2,000 payments for adults and $1,000 payments for kids.”

The petition has drawn over 2,950,700 signatures as of Saturday, with roughly 43,000 new supporters in the past month. It will become one of’s most signed petitions if it reaches its goal of 3 million signatures. At its current pace, it’s expected to hit that benchmark by early December.

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Six smaller petitions on calling for monthly payments have also grown in support in recent months.

The first smaller petition asks Biden and Democrats to “publicly endorse giving everyone a $2000/month UBI until the crisis is over.” More than 389,700 people have signed the petition since it launched over a year ago.

The second smaller petition calls for the Biden administration and Congress to immediately deliver “$2,000+ for every American per month.” About 224,390 people have signed the petition as of Saturday. It was initially launched by John Smith with a goal of reaching 50,000 signatures, but Smith amended the benchmark to 300,000 after it quickly gained more support than anticipated.

Created by Tyson Su, a third smaller petition urges the Senate to enact legislation that would provide $2,000 monthly checks for the duration of the pandemic for unemployed individuals and those earning under $130,000 a year. That campaign has gained over 181,980 supporters as of Saturday—just 18,020 short of its 200,000-signature goal.

A fourth smaller petition, launched during the Trump administration during the early stages of the pandemic, calls for the federal government to “fight for monthly payments.” About 74,125 have signed on to that campaign as of Saturday—just 875 short of its goal of 75,000 signatures.

A fifth smaller petition asks Biden and Congress to support a group of senators who called for the White House to include further direct payments in the next federal recovery bill. It has gained 61,057 signatures as of Saturday.

In March, Senator Bernie Sanders, a Vermont independent, and Elizabeth Warren, a Massachusetts Democrat, along with a slew of other progressive lawmakers asked Biden to support recurring stimulus checks in a letter.

Over 80 congressional Democrats and more than 150 economists—including Jason Furman, former chair of the Council of Economic Advisers under the Obama administration—have all backed further stimulus payments this year.

Launched by Clayton Morris, a sixth smaller petition calls for the government of the “richest country in the world” to give its citizens $2,000 monthly cash payments until the pandemic ends. It has garnered 31,484 signatures as of Saturday.

Collectively, the seven petitions have drawn over 3,913,400 signatures and continued to receive support over the weekend.

Despite the mounting pressure, the Biden administration has repeatedly ignored calls for further stimulus and signaled that it is no longer a priority. It has pivoted instead to passing a bipartisan infrastructure bill and larger spending package that’s key to the president’s domestic agenda—neither of which contain any cash payments.

Congressional lawmakers have also not expressed any intention to include stimulus checks in their fall legislative agenda.

Source: Fourth Stimulus Check Update: Petitions for Monthly $2K Payments Nears 4 Million Signatures


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