Food Items to Add to Your Grocery List to Boost Your Sex Life

The food we eat is the primary source of energy for our body almost all our life forces depend on food in one way or the other.

The food we eat affects our emotional well-being, our weight, our physical growth, and even our sexual health.

It may be slightly weird to associate eating with enhanced sexual activity in your life. But don’t discard it without hearing about the reasons behind them.

While you are at it, let’s explore the list of food items that can make sparks fly in your bedroom:


Also known as Beets, beetroots are a type of vegetable that has multiple health benefits. It has desirable nutritional contents which include different types of vitamins and antioxidants.

They are also high in nitrates, which are key elements in the process of blood circulation in the body. These are converted into nitric oxide in the body and facilitate erectile functions in men, much like medications such as Kamagra Jelly.

Eating beetroot will offer your body a good dietary source of nitrates, and it also helps increase the hemoglobin level of your blood which boosts your energy levels.

People who eat beets regularly report having a higher level of energy.

The nitrates present in the beetroot coupled with the high energy levels it offers makes it a great candidate to add to your diet if you want to increase the sexual activity in your life. 

Beetroots are best eaten raw for reaping ample benefits from it, you can eat them by adding them to your salads. You can also drink beetroot juice and make it one of the ingredients of your healthy smoothies.


Oysters are known for their aphrodisiac properties and even popular media uses oysters to create an erotic vibe. And rightly so because they are rich in zinc which plays an essential role in boosting the sexual drive for both men and women.

The micro-nutrient zinc helps in the regulation of testosterone levels in the human body. It is wrongly assumed that only men require testosterone for having an active sex life. But it is important for women as well, as it boosts the sexual drive. 

Men who suffer from low levels of testosterone often suffer from poor erectile functions also, so adding oysters as a rich source of zinc helps boost their sexual health.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are often not on many people’s grocery lists as an item to enhance their sex life.

But as unromantic as these vegetables may seem, they are great foods to add to your diet to add some extra excitement to your sex life.

There are many different green leafy vegetables such as spinach, fenugreek, celery and others which are rich plant sources of nitrates. Nitrates play a key role in promoting healthy blood circulation in the body, and when it comes to sexual performance, it is more useful for men.

Men have erectile functions which are closely tied with the nitrates, the nitrates are converted into nitric oxide by our body, but there is a PDE5 enzyme in the body that depletes the production of the nitric oxide.

This phenomenon can induce temporary or even permanent erectile dysfunction in men which is further treated with medications such as Cenforce D and Vidalista 20 which blocks the PDE5 enzyme in the body.

The occurrence of this male sexual dysfunction can be prevented by adding sufficient nitrate-rich food items. Men who already suffer from erectile dysfunction also benefit from adding green leafy vegetables to their diet.

These nitrate-rich items also enhance the effectiveness of oral medications such as Kamagra Jelly used for enhancing the erectile functions of men.

There are various different ways to eat green leafy vegetables so there will be no difficulty in adding them to your meals regularly.


Avocados are popular fruits used across the world for their various health benefits and they are also popular among Instagram influencers.

These fruits may not have a sweet flavour but they are good news for your sexual health, men suffering from low sperm count or low sperm mobility benefit from regular consumption of this fruit.

It is also good for the testicular health of men and their sperm count.


Apples are good for many different aspects of male sexual health, due to their nutritional value. It is possible to prevent prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction with the regular consumption of apples

This occurs because of the compound quercetin present in it which is an antioxidant that promotes healthy blood circulation and is essential for healthy erectile functions in men.

Eating apples also offer a good source of fiber to the food which helps in the prevention of weight gain which can prove a hindrance to active sex life.

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