Explore the Kudlu Ghat in some style and know about Crematorium Kudlu

In the southern state of Kerala lies a beautiful town named Kudlu. Kudluhas a dispersed population of about 26,000. The region is amid lush greenery embraced jungles on the Western Ghats. The area is more widely known as KudluTheertha – owing to a scenic and serene waterfall located on the Ghats.The place is considered very holy among the locals. Other than this, the site also inhibits Crematorium in Kudlu.

Many legends from a long time ago have long told the tales that years ago, sages would often rest near a pond, well-known in the present day- and merrily meditate for hours. Because of this, the locals from Kudlu consider this particular pond to be so auspicious. When it comes to the geographical features of Kudlu, the pond is not too deep and can be enjoyed for dipping toes in. However, even though the water flow may appear calm, it falls with great force, so extreme caution must be provided.

The beautiful waterfall Crematorium Kudlu

Besides its beautiful waterfall on the Ghat, the region also encompasses a completely open-air museum. The museum is named Hasta Shilpa and is entirely dedicated to celebrating traditions by preserving gold houses and archaeological destinations. This museum was founded by Mr. Vijay Nath Shenoy, who has been known as a remarkable heritage conservationist. Kudlu features every aspect of tradition, ranging from forests, museums, waterfalls, etc. One such space which has gained much attention in recent years has been Crematorium in Kudlu, the Contact Number for which can be found widely now.

Apart from the scenic beauty and rich history, Kudlu also features lip-smacking flavors. The region impeccably uses all its natural resources and available spices to create delicious delights. Some of the most popular ones include – a snack called Patrode, which is healthy and savory and is made out of Colocasia leaves, another South Canara delicacy made with suitably spiced batter. Neer Dosa, known by many from different parts of the country, is one of the specialties hailing from this region. Another iconic dessert dish that finds its roots from around this region is an ice cream named Gudbud; it features a glistening mountain of ice-cream scoops of strawberry and vanilla, which is then topped with freshly cut fruits and jiggling jelly. The list of food items that must be tried when stepping into this region extends beyond this.

Take the scenic beauty

Reaching Kudlu Ghat is not a hasty task. The place is situated about 400 km away from Bengaluru and 60 km farther from the coastal city of Mangalore. Various private buses and taxis can swiftly transport tourists from Mangalore to Udupi and Kudlu. Exploring Kudlu is an experience that demands to be enjoyed thoroughly by taking in the scenic beauty, consuming in-depth knowledge through the ages-old traditions persisting till date, unique intricacy preserved in museums from years ago, and the delicious delicacies hailing from this region.  To know more, you may look over the web and gather more info on the same.

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