Enhancing the Learning Experience through Gamification

E-learning approaches

With a shift to the digital era, numerous different learning techniques have evolved that make use of the latest technology. As a result, the students are now well-equipped with the necessary learning approaches that were not present a couple of decades ago. Precisely, e-learning has adopted gamification as one of such tools to make the study experience all the more fun and interactive for the students.

What is Gamification?

As simple as we put it, gamification is the application of game elements and principles in different contexts such as marketing, education etc. Specifically talking from an online educational point of view, gamification deals with the incorporation of certain engaging gaming elements or interesting activities in the teaching approaches to increase the attention and retention rates of the students. For instance, when we talk about some points that the students receive upon the completion of a series of tasks or activities to move on to the next level.

Here, such points are fostering an attitude of engagement through a form of a game to offer fun and stimulation for the student. Such activities promote intrinsic motivation, which increases the students’ desire to study the specific content as they build interest in it, eventually leaving them enjoying their study time.

Gamification in Education

Gamification in education has become a trend these days. Due to the addictive elements of video games that fascinate individuals and get them captivated, analogous engagement and interaction outcomes are seen when these elements are applied to learning approaches. This includes point-scoring, peer competition, teamwork etc. One thing to keep in mind though is that gamification in education is not always about just utilizing technology.

Games can be incorporated into educational practices using physical learning tools too. For instance, telling students they’ll get a point every time they answer a question correctly, playing certain competitive games among students etc. So, a classroom that incorporates the principles of gamification, whether or not involving technology, is called a gamified classroom.  

Here are a few examples of how gamification can be incorporated into educational settings:

Encouraging point-based learning activities:

Using a points system can be quite beneficial and turn a study environment into something way more enjoyable. Points could be given to the students for their academic improvements, good gestures or other areas that the teachers find suitable. They can also be employed as an alternative to the traditional grading system. The idea of points boosts progress in students as it shows that goals and grades can be progressively worked towards.

  • Making competitive based games in the class:

Competition is one of the effective drivers in students that can boost their performance with comparatively minimal effort. Teachers can make certain games that encourage healthy competition among students so they are encouraged to perform better. This can also be done in E-learning approaches. For instance, students must be made to follow a rule that the teacher sets, and every time he or she follows the rule, results in scoring a point or star.

Contrarily, if a student does not follow it, the teacher gets a point instead. This is an example of a competition between the class (all students) and teachers. Similarly, stars can be allocated for a game where the teacher answers questions from the students. The student who answers the most questions gets the most stars and ends up winning the game.

  • Roleplays

As entertaining as they sound, roleplays are a great source of entertainment enriched with education for the students. The teacher can create situations in the class where certain roles are assigned to each student. This is quite beneficial when trying to explain a story. Dialogue-based earning is fostered in such kinds of activities, making learning time all the more fun.

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