Let’s begin a new Era with Emirates NBD – Diners club Duo credit card  

Emirates NBD - Diners club Duo credit card  

The national bank of Dubai (NBD) is full of various financial products with a lot of different and unique features. It contains the best Credit card variety in the whole UAE with special kinds of features. Diners club duo credit card is one of them with its top-level qualities and amazing various offers. This card is a combination of two powerful cards, one is the diners club and the other one is MasterCard platinum. These two cards comprise multiple benefits and rewards, that are different from each other but now it is merged into a duo card.  

Our major concern is to explore Emirates NBD – diners club duo credit card with its key features and specifications about finance. We are here to help out all the citizens of UAE, that are pretty much interested in such credit card. People search about it before applying because they usually want to know its functions and main purposes connected with it. We are making this task much easier for all of them via this researched material regarding the diners club duo card. So, we offer you to join us in this journey to gain knowledge about it.  

Why the diners club duo card is so much popular? What are its major functions?  

  • The first and foremost purpose of this card is to manage your financial needs and budget with its great manageable abilities. It will surely make your life more comfortable and convenient for you and your whole family. 
  • Another most popular thing attached to a card is its variety of rewards for every usage. Whenever someone uses this card anywhere in UAE, via the card they can receive many rewards in return. All these rewards can be of any kind or in any form for example, in the form of points, coins, cashback, and much more.  
  • Whenever shopping is done via using the diners club duo credit card, many gift hampers come to the consumer’s hand in return. Such gifts may be on a small level or maybe at a large level, it all depends on shopping. You will receive rewards while shopping at the grocery store and when you do shopping via online method it will facilitate there also. 
  • Similarly, the best thing of cashback is also attached to it, every person can obtain the cashback offer while using the card. Whether the matter is about shopping or whether it’s about getting a meal while traveling and shopping. 
  • Another big facility is the discount on several things, even when you recharge your account it will give cashback to you. Similarly, when you pay your all online expenses like utility bills, you can also get discounts plus cashback.   
  • It will provide the fuel service also with all other services. whenever you need to fill your vehicle with fuel, you can get that facility with a discount or cashback.  
  • The cardholder with all these facilities will also enjoy the pick and drop service of the airport twice a year. Holder should register her or himself to avail of this service.    
  • With discounts and cashback offers, the buy 1 get 1 offer is also a part of this Emirates NBD duo card. Especially when you visit the cinema in UAE, you may get an extra free ticket through this offer.   
  • The service of roadside assistance will be also given to the card holders or members of this card. Whenever you need any assistance, call roadside expenditures will be covered by the diners club duo card. There are many other things including life insurance policies, balance transfer facilities, etc.    

Main features of Eligibility Diners club Duo credit card    

  • The first thing is the salary range, which is the most important part while applying for a diners club duo card. The salary range although not the same for all banks but most of them require 10,000 AED to accept the application.  
  • The other charges involved the annual fee charges, which will be about 800 AED.
  • Whenever your amount is unsettled or due, you will have to pay the interest also, which may be about 3%. 
  • Other special services are also provided to holders, for example, the service of SMS alerts and urgent cash. 

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