Emirates Financial Services will blow your mind  

Emirates Financial Services

Financial services are the most common and important banking services that are existing to help out people in their financial needs. These financial services are equally famous throughout the world and almost every person takes advantage of these services. Whether it’s about the matter of taking insurance and loans or whether it’s about the money transaction issues.  

These financial services play a significant role in the development of the lifestyle through loans and credit card facilities. Similarly, these services can also secure your future through insurance policies. Whatever the reason is, these monetary services are always ready to serve the nation. Our main focus is on the emirates financial services because there is a great diversity existed in the Emirati banking system.  

In UAE, you will see lots of banks that are working on an Islamic perspective and based on the sharia constitution also. Those banks are not only based on sharia laws but also they are strictly following those Islamic rules in their banking system. Therefore, there is a huge diversity exist in the rate of interest throughout the banks of the UAE. This article is based on these emirates financial services. You will find out here the various possible services with their detailed characteristics.  

Emirates Loans services 

Loan services are the major subject of financial services, which is the most prevailing service in the whole UAE. Every emirate of UAE is equally providing this opportunity to the expats and locals living here. So that, they can avail the loan facility equally with everyone. Emirates Loan provides various types of loans and people select from those according to their requirement. You can find out the personal loan, car loan, home loan, and business loan, in which personal loan is on top and is more in demand. A personal loan will help out to resolve private issues, car loan is for car purchasing purpose and home loan refers to buying a new home. Similarly, a business loan is designed for the development of businesses. 

Emirates credit cards facilities  

The other financial service is called credit card service, via such a facility anyone can get a variety of several rewards. These rewards will be in the form of cashback offers, points, discounted prices, fun packages, various offers, free tickets, discounts on dining/shopping, etc. There are much more services attached to this credit card facility. Through such card you can recover any mishap that happened in your life.  

Account managing services  

Additional financial service includes the account managing facility also. In this service, you can do lots of tasks related to bank accounts. For example, you can open your new account in the form of a current account, a saving account, and much more types of accounts. Similarly, all the activities relevant to the management of your accounts with transaction matters are also part of this service. This is also known as one of the most popular emirate financial services.  

What are the requirements to get financial services in UAE?  

Requirements for taking financial services are as mentioned below:-  

  • You should be eligible in terms of taking loans and issuing credit cards.  
  • Eligibility criteria comprise various standards relevant to your age, minimum salary, etc.  
  • Gather your all important documents including copies of valid visa/passport and Emirate ID.  
  • To take emirates financial services like auto loan and business loan, you should submit your driving and trading license also.  
  • The salary certificate will be also must as a evidence of your monthly income. 
  • Your old history related to transactions or credit will be also considered essential. 

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