Doratoon Review: The Best Tool to Make Your Own Animation

Doratoon Review

In the past, creating a 30 seconds animation cost a fortune. Now advancement has made this possible to create a professional-level animation by yourself even with a tight budget and no skills. This is possible only if you find an efficient animation maker that works without emptying your wallet. 

You must have to search and try out different tools to get the best possible option. The given article reviews Doratoon which is considered an efficient animation maker specially for beginners or non-tech people who want to create animated videos by themselves. 

What Is Doratoon?

Doratoon is an online animated video maker that comes with a lot of advanced features. It is not only an animation creator but also an animated video editor. So after creating your animation you can personalise it by using a variety of editing tools. 

It offers you royalty-free templates on a variety of topics so you can create your free animation in a short time effortlessly. Additionally, it has a good stock of animated characters, footage, backgrounds, props, clips, and music files which you can add to your animation with just a few clicks. 

Doratoon is an online animated video
Doratoon is an online animated video

What does Doratoon Provide?

Creating an animated video is easy and fast with Doratoon, about which you can learn more here. There are alot of features that no other animation maker is providing except Doratoon. Following are some of its important key features: 

  • AI Drawing

This is one of the unique features of Doratoon that you will not find in most of its competitors. it uses artificial intelligence to interpret what you are going to draw and which suggests shapes and icons. After sketching your drawing you have to choose the related photo and the drawing will immediately turn into that photo. 

  • PPT Import Feature

If you are a student who needs to present an assignment or a marketer who is describing a business idea then the PPT to video conversion tool of Doratoon will help you to deliver an eye-catching presentation. You can import your PowerPoint presentation into your video presentation with a single click. 

  • AI Dubbing 

Doratoon uses article intelligence technology and converts the added text into speech. This speech-to-text feature is helpful for the globally acceptable dialect. Additionally, you can avoid recording your voice. 

You just have to choose the AI synthesis option from the toolbar. You have options to choose the speech preferences according to your choice.

  • Timeline Approach Management

As an efficient animation creator Doratoon offers a timeline approach setting so you can manage the duration of the scene pages and define what and when objects will appear on the screen. Additionally, you can arrange the elements in a sequence and set the visibility tenure. 

On the official website, you will find all the guidelines related to increasing or decreasing the scene page length or setting the entry or exit time of a particular object.

  • Add or Record Sound

Doratoon offers a lot of customising options for audio in animations. You can add your voice into animation by recording or can convert text into speech by using the AI dubbing feature. 

Moreover, you are allowed to add background music or sound effects to your animation. These all options let you make animated videos showing professionalism. 

How To Create Your Own Animation With Doratoon? 

It is important that whatever animation maker you choose lets you create your desirable animation easily without wasting time. When the question is how to make an animation within a few minutes then Doratoon is one of the best available options. All you need to do is follow four simple steps: 

Step 1. Navigate to the official website of Doratoon and here sign up for a free account. The signup button is present at the top right corner of the main interface. 

Step 2. After signing up, click on the “Workbench” option from the top menu. 

Step 3. You will find the “+ Create” button on the left top side. Click on it to create your own animation. 

Step 4. Now when you are on the main interface, create your animation and edit it. In the last, save it by clicking on the “Export” button present in the top right corner to save the video.

5 Reasons To Choose Doratoon
5 Reasons To Choose Doratoon

5 Reasons To Choose Doratoon

Following are the top 5 reasons that describe why you should make your own animation character and videos with Doratoon: 

  1. Create 2D and 3D Animation

Doratoon is one of the platforms that let you create 2D as well as 3D animations. It offers 10,000+ 2D and 3D background images that you can add to your animation with a few clicks. This is helpful when you need to explain a complex concept efficiently like a 3D online marketing animation. 

  1. Versatile in Nature

Doratoon is not specified for certain teams or fields of life. It is a versatile tool that offers templates, cartoon characters, props, and other elements for different people belonging to different fields. 

It let the educators create adorable animated videos to deliver a fun learning experience. Marketers can create efficient ads and promos to boost their sales. It can enhance the mutual communication of the HR department. 

  1. Budget-Friendly 

Doratoon is a budget-friendly tool that offers you alot and does not demand much from customers. Its basic plan is free forever all you need to do is sign up on their official website. You can create 10 mint animation and have 500MB of storage space. 

Its Pro and Pro+ plans are also very reasonable, here you have all the features at a reasonable price. You can create unlimited videos of unlimited length. You can remove Doratoon branding and can add your own logo in animations. 

  1. Easy to Use 

For beginners who do not have any previous experience, Doratoon is the solution for how to make animated videos. On its official website, you will find complete guidelines about all of its features. The whole process is very easy to do and anyone can create animated characters on their own without needing any external help. 

  1. Positive Customer Reviews 

Doratoon has gained a significant number of positive reviews from customers. Many professionals and companies have recommended it. These reviews are enough to show its credibility and efficiency for all types of animation making. 


It is concluded that Doratoon is a good option to create animation online without putting in much effort, time, and money. Marketers, educators, and entrepreneurs can create professional-level animation by themselves. Additionally, it has been successful in gaining alot of positive reviews from customers. 



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