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Introduction Digital Marketing Vs Social Media Marketing

In this article, Dream Tech News describes Digital Marketing Vs Social Media Marketing’ which one’s better. For more info visit: Before delving into the whole comparison and differentiation, it’s first imperative to understand the relationship between these two terms. Only once that’s understood can we move on to discussing the whole ‘Digital Marketing Vs Social Media Marketing’ aspect.
To explain it with an example, it can be simply said that comparing social media marketing to digital marketing is like comparing carrots to vegetables.

Get the point?

Social media marketing is a branch of digital marketing. It’s not something different nor is it a concept independent of the latter. When we say digital marketing, it’s like saying ‘Toyota’ and when we say social media marketing, it’s like saying ‘Yaris’ or ‘Corolla’.

Now, one could think that there is no point differentiating between two things that have the relationship of set and subset viz. they are one and the same. However, drawing this comparison serves the benefit of helping people realize what their choice should be if they are faced with the option of going for social media marketing (in specific) or digital marketing (in general).


Social Media and Digital Marketing – What do they entail?

Digital marketing refers to the promotional and advertising efforts made via any sort of virtual or digital platform/medium. An ad posted alongside a blog post is digital marketing. A piece of content describing a product is digital marketing. Optimizing websites for showing up higher in the search results is digital marketing.
Any action that is done in order to promote or increase the popularity of a brand/company via digital means is called digital marketing.

Social media marketing, on the other hand, refers to promotional activities that are conducted exclusively on social media.
From these definitions alone, the main, vital difference between these two becomes clear. Social media marketing is far more constricted and narrow than digital marketing. The former caters to a very particular audience whereas the latter has a more encompassing reach. This point can be, in itself, a decisive aspect for people struggling to come to a conclusion about the ‘Digital Marketing Vs Social Media Marketing’ comparison.

Some methods of digital marketing include:

Content marketing

Content marketing is the type of marketing in which the promotion of a brand is done via created content. Publishing written content, such as blog posts, is one of the most popular ways in this approach. People tend to focus more on the content on their websites for three reasons, among others:
Good-quality content is search engine friendly User engagement Search Engine Optimization by keyword integration

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization comes within the ambit of digital marketing because it is something that is primarily done to increase the popularity of a website. A site with good SEO will show up closer to the top in the SERP and will have a greater chance of being clicked on by visitors.

Email marketing

The name of this one is pretty self-explanatory. Email marketing is the method in which a brand sends emails to its target market for the purpose of eliciting a purchase or a visit to the site etc.

Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is a general umbrella term. Efforts and activities performed to increase awareness of the brand in mobile users are referred to as mobile marketing.
Why Should You Focus on Digital Marketing rather than Social Media Marketing?


With digital marketing, there are numerous channels and ways in which you can promote and advertise a certain brand. You can start from anywhere, and work your way up e.g. by making a blog, working on creating SEO-friendly content, sending emails to the target consumers, advertising via software and apps, etc.
By focusing on digital marketing in general rather than social media in particular, you will be able to utilize a range of different means and methods of promoting your brand/company.


There is a significant portion of the population that doesn’t think much of social media…and for good reason as well. But, this group does still access the internet.
Opting for social media alone can mean limiting yourself to a specific audience and depriving yourself of the attention of the multitude of customers/consumers who aren’t very fond of it.

With digital marketing, you can even take some steps that can create awareness in the consumers without them having to come and visit your website. For example, sending emails and text messages to potential customers is a form of digital marketing, but it doesn’t require the latter to make any effort of their own.

Complementation and Integration

This is yet another benefit of digital marketing, and it’s one that isn’t easily noticed.
With digital marketing, you can combine strategies and promotional ideas for improving your overall approach to creating awareness. For example, if a certain blogger writes a guest post for you, there are two aspects in which your brand will gain popularity. One is the fact that your brand will be promoted in another blog (which could have a lot of consistent readers) and will come to the notice of the visitors; visitors who aren’t familiar with your company. The second benefit is the improvement in SEO. Guest posting helps in optimizing your website’s ranking.

This is just an example. Essentially, by focusing on digital marketing, you will be able to broaden the possibilities of the methods for promoting your brand, and you will be able to make them complement each other. This synergy is something that you won’t be able to enjoy if you opt for social media alone.


So, ‘Digital Marketing Vs Social Media Marketing’…which one’s better.
First off, it has to be understood, as was delineated at the start, that social media marketing is a subset of digital marketing. It’s not a competing rival strategy nor is it something separate. The purpose of highlighting the differences is to help people realize where they should focus on with their marketing efforts.

In a nutshell, it is better to opt for methods (from among the many included in digital marketing) other than social media marketing. You will be able to increase the diversity of your audience, and you will be able to incorporate different channels and mediums in your marketing strategy.

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