What is a Digital Business card and how can it benefit your business?

Digital business cards, aka virtual business cards, help you share your contact details online. It also includes social media profiles, logos, pictures, pdf, videos, and more information with the basic details.

You don’t need to worry about space issues with a digital business card, as it is always available on your phone. Further, the most interesting fact about this kind of card is that you can update the information at any given time.

But, of course, there’s more to it, and this guide will reveal everything.

  1. You can share your business details easily.

Digital business cards can help you share contact information effortlessly. They provide you the feature to enter straight into the receiver’s phone address book. This way, you can save time on contact sharing, and the person can reach out to you if needed.

However, in the case of a traditional business card, the receiver might misplace it, or they might lose yours in the stack of other business cards.

  1. It’s extremely convenient for you

Your “digital” card is always with you, even without carrying a physical card. Using your phone or laptop, you can share the card details in seconds.

You might misplace a physical card, lose it, and even run out of it. But when it’s on your device, there’s hardly a chance you’ll ever forget it at home.

  1. You add new people and expand your network

If you don’t want to lose time sharing your business account links with others personally, simply list your professional social media links on your digital business card.

That way, when you share your card details, others can send connection requests to your business profiles on their preferred social media platform conveniently.

  1. You can save your bucks

For traditional business cards, you must spend money every year to design and print them. With virtual business cards, you can save this money. In addition, many apps offer you the opportunity to develop digital business cards without a single dollar.

But the opposite party must have that same app to access the card details. The subscription amount of any digital business card-making app or website starts from $36 and can go up to $72 per year.

  1. It provides easy accessibility to your clients

In the modern era, people desire convenience in every field. With the help of a digital card, your clients can easily reach out to you with one click.

You can customize your business card and include a call button, mail option, and even a WhatsApp link so that they don’t have to open extra apps to establish contact with you.

  1. You get effortless follow-ups.

A digital business card takes its place in the receiver’s inbox. You can also connect it with a CRM system, allowing you to follow up with your client effectively.

  1. You create a powerful statement

When you share your business details on the virtual business card, it shows that you are technologically well aware and respect others’ time. Further, the digital business card shows your professional attitude and enhances the brand image of your business.

  1. You get to showcase your creative side

In traditional business cards, it is extremely difficult to put your favorite designs with important information. There is limited space for creativity. As a result, most cards look almost the same.

But it’s a difficult job if you do business in the creative field like graphic designing or video editing and wants to design your printed cards differently. On the other hand, digital business cards allow you to showcase your creativity with a single tap.

Including the zoom feature will be a great idea to make it more attractive. Here you can add different information in the zoom-in version than in the zoom-out version.

For example, you can put your contact information in the zoom-out option and your portfolio in the zoom-in option. So when your client zooms out, they will see your contact details, and while zooming in, they can explore your portfolio.

Over to you…

A digital business card doesn’t just make your business visible to your clients, it can also tell them what you do and how you do it. This will eventually get you more leads. So, switch to digital business cards to stand out now.

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