Deem platinum cash-up credit card is enough for a luxurious lifestyle 

Deem platinum cash-up credit card

When the name deem comes into mind the advanced form of financial services also comes along with it. It was not the same as it is now present, deem was the “Dunia finance” with the same concept of financial assistance. That was for all the people of the UAE, including the natives and expats. Now this concept is transformed into the new and improved form named “deem finance”. All assistance services related to finance are now more advanced and updated by deem. Now, these services are more common than before because people are now more informed about its best services.  

The company of Deem comprises an amazing range of products to assist the people with the best, most active, and most skilled staff members. These products include a variety of loans, numerous credit cards, insurance policies, several accounts, and much more facilities. Within the credit card range, deem offers 3 main categories, one platinum, the second titanium, and the last one is a world credit card. Today our main focused topic is about the deem platinum cash up credit card in UAE, we will go through with the details of it. Also, we will check the detailed features of cash-up credit cards with the critical analysis. Many things will be included in this article, that may benefit all the people of UAE.    

How deem platinum cash-up credit card work and what are its specifications?  


  • An excellent feature of Cash up  

With cash up credit card, an excellent feature is connected, which is a cash-up feature. This function is relatively the most popular because you get cashback with every purchase. Sometimes you also get your cash back with any small-scale shopping. There are many things like hoteling, food delivery, traveling and much more entertaining things, through which you can obtain the cash up facility.   

  • Deduction facility on purchases  

Your platinum card is also helpful for the deduction facility. You can be a part of many deals and offers provided by deem finance credit cards in UAE, especially via this platinum card. Avail the much more discounts on your shopping and on your various kind of meals while eating food at malls. While traveling, the facility of deduction will be applied to your tickets also. Get much more discounted items via your card while ordering something from home.   

  • Elimination of Annual fee  

Some credit cards charge an annual fee from the customers, but with deem finance card you don’t have to pay such a fee annually.    

  • Membership with facilities  

If you want to become a regular member of deem finance, you can avail of the membership also. In which you will receive many extra facilities for being a member of the deem.    

  • Rewards while online shopping  

Now online shopping is much famous and due to its popularity deem introduced lots of rewards with it. So, continue your online shopping and get more rewards with a platinum cash up credit card in UAE.

  • Deem points  

There are some extra deem points also available with the proper usage of cards. If you use the platinum card with the safe and secure method and update it regularly, deem will give you the extra deem points.    

Salary Requirement for Deem platinum cash up credit card 


If you want a card with lots of benefits attached to it, so make sure about your salary. That can not be less than 10,000 AED. The interest rate will be up to 3% and that will be the constant ratio of interest. If you want to know more details about credit cards in UAE, visit the website of deem.  

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