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Damp proofing Purley: Avoid Damp from Creating Problems in Your Home

Damp proofing Purley

Damp is a common problem for homes. You may have noticed mildew growth on your walls, ceilings and furniture if your home is damp. If so, you should contact our damp proofing Purley team to get rid of your damp problems.

It is important to stop damp from causing damage to your property and health.

Damp Categories

If your house is damaged, dampness can occur. There are two options: rising damp or penetrating damp.

When moisture seeps into your home through exterior defects like cracks in the walls or loose roof tiles, it is called penetrating damp.

If your damp-proofing course isn’t working and allows water to seep into your walls or floor, you will experience rising dampness.

Dampness Symptoms

To determine if your house is damp, it is important to be familiar with the signs to look out for. These are the symptoms of dampness:

· Musty odour in the rooms

· Your closet contains damp or mouldy clothes and shoes

· Mildew and mould formation

· Wall and ceiling watermarks or stains

· Rotting wood within the house structure

· Mould and damp under your house

However, condensation can also indicate dampness. Even if your home doesn’t have any dampness, you may still notice condensation, especially during winter.

Moisture Sources

It is important to identify the source of dampness in your home once you have identified the symptoms. You can create moisture from various daily activities like showering or cooking. In most cases, moisture can be controlled by proper ventilation, heating, insulation, or both. Moisture from outside or leaking plumbing is another major reason for dampness.

You may also find moisture under your home. These moisture sources are often hidden, so it’s easy to overlook them.

These damp-causing issues can cause damage to your house and decrease its value. If you feel damp, it is best to contact damp-proofing professionals. Well, if you are living in Purley or the surrounding area, do give us a call at RBS Damp proofing, and one of our damp proofing Purley

team will be with you. People make the common mistake of thinking that a dehumidifier or ventilation system will solve their problem.

These solutions will not prevent dampness from occurring.

Preventing Damp Causing Problems

Damp-proofing your walls and floors is the best way to stop dampness from causing problems. Before damp proofing your floor, a specialist will inspect for signs of water underneath. Water can come from your guttering, drainage, or downpipes. It is important to identify the source of the water problem and correct it in order to prevent future dampness. If necessary, they will damp-proof the floors and walls.

Specialists install waterproof barriers on your foundation to prevent groundwater from entering your home. This will keep your home dry and safe.

You can use waterproof barriers to stop dampness. If water is leaking through cracks in your walls, waterproof barriers can be injected into the walls. This is a great solution, especially for existing homes because it is not intrusive.

You can also add a barrier to the foundation, but this is a lengthy process that is highly recommended for those who are building a new home or doing major renovations.

To resolve all damp issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at RBS Damp Proofing. Just give us a call at 07506 407711 and our damp proofing Purley team will be there for your help.


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