“What a deep and mysterious language, the language of dreams”

Nature is attractive and beautiful because of the colours it has, lush green mountains, glorious fields and flowers of innumerable colours are the real feast for eyes. Colours represent love, life, peace, attraction, beauty, serenity and mystery. If we have colours in our lives then our lives will be more attractive and joyful. The language of colours is as deep as a sea because every colour has its own story and meaning and that meaning varies in case of different human beings.

The family of colours is huge one. Every colour appears with its meaning and identification. Human beings have their own perception of seeing the colours. Every colour is related to different emotions and feelings. As Red symbolizes Love, war, blood, strength heat and sensitivity. White is the colour of calmness, purity, peace, innocence and perfection. Black gives the effects of mystery, fear, aggression, darkness, magic, authority and power at the same time. As mentioned above every colour represents different emotions and feelings, it depends on the nature of human beings how they see a particular colour as there exists positivity and negativity in a colour.

Sometimes all you need is a splash of colours”

Colours refresh the soul, heart and the mind. They bring creativity, attraction, beauty, excitement, energy and variety with them. All we need is to widen our thoughts to welcome all the beautiful traits the colours have. Without colours life would be boring and dull as these are the symbols of life.

Now a days, nude and subtle shades attract the society most, because they represent peace, purity, subtlety and attraction. Every colour should be celebrated equally, it doesn’t matter that particular colour you like symbolizes what! What matters is how you carry and enjoy that certain colour. What you have to do is just :-

“BE YOU! The world will adjust”

Mehwish Ayub.

Mehwish Ayub

Hey This is Mehwish Ayub Digital Content Creator at Dream Tech News Creating Content is my passion, being innovative is in my flesh and blood and I'm proud of it. I love to give food for thought to my readers with new perception and information. Everyone is welcomed here with Precious comments about my Work. Thanks!

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