Beste Kredittkort: 5 Best travel cards 2022

When you are on holiday or you are just visiting someone outside the border of Norway then there is a lot to manage financially. Credit cards are something that can ease you in your journey time. By using them you can enjoy your stay without worrying about the work or the bills. 

If you have chosen the right travel card then there is a lot of chance that you can save your money to the maximum extent. There are online platforms like Beste Kredittkort which let you choose and order the best travel cards for you according to your situation and needs.  

Besides providing discounts a credit card also offers extra safety with the purchase. If you are looking for the best travel card in Norway then the list we have provided can be helpful for you. 

5 Best Travel Cards In 2022 

Following are some of the best travel cards which not only facilitate you in your payment but also help to get discounts. 

  1. Lendo Credit Card

Lendo Credit Card is a good option to get for travelling as it has a good credit limit of 150000 NOK and offers a lot of features. By relying on Lendo Credit cards you can get bonus points, discounts, and cashback payments. 

Key Features:

  • It does not have an annual fee to pay. 
  • The maximum credit limit is up to 150,000 NOK
  • Its interest rate varies from card to cards
  1. TF Bank Mastercard

It is another good option where you can get discounts on your orders while you are travelling card. It does not demand any annual fee so you can easily keep it even when you are not travelling. The interest rate is also not very high. 

Key Features:

  • Its deferral of payment is up to 43 days.
  • It also does not have any annual fee
  • The age limit is 18+ years old 
  1. Remember Black

Remember Black is an efficient credit card that serves as a travel card as well as a petrol card while you are on your journey. It also has a good travel insurance policy like HSBC is providing. It also offers cashback and discounts facility to its users so they can save their money up to the maximum extent. 

Key Features:

  • It has zero annual fees but the interest rates are comparatively high
  • Its income requirement is just 120,000 NOK
  • Its deferment is up to 45 days. 
  1. Resource Bank Gold

If you want to get a travel card that offers bonus points and has a low-interest rate then  Resource Bank Gold is a good option to rely on. The interest rate is only 21.82%. The deferral of payment is up to 43 days and the age limit is only 18 years old. 

Key Features:

  • It is a low-interest travel card
  • You can apply for it if you are 18 years old
  • The maximum credit limit is up to 150,000 NOK 
  1. Ikano Visa

Ikano Visa is an all-one travel card that comes with discounts and cashback on travelling payments. It always gives your 2% cash back. Additionally, the deferral of payment is also high up to 50 days. 

Key Features:

  • It has a 0 NOK annual fee
  • You must be 23+ years old to get it.
  • It offers 2% cash back 

Final Thoughts 

Everyone wants to find ways where they can minimize their travelling expenses. A travel card is a great help for you that not only lets you deal with payment issues easily but also become a reason to get discounts on car hiring and hotel staying. In the above article, we have described the 5 best travel cards that you can get in Norway. 


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